Jonathan Hensleigh English Actor
  • DOB : 02-1959

Jonathan Blair Hensleigh was born on February 1959. He is an American Film director and screenwriter. He graduated in 1981 with a degree in History from University of Massachusetts Amherst. He went to University of Virginia School of Law. He earned Juris Doctor from Tulane University Law School. In 1985 he went to Massachusetts Bar. For several years, he worked as an attorney. At the age of 31, he moved to writing. He started writing screenplays and scripts. He wrote a novel. He did not attend film school, but he wrote a three-act stage play. 

Jonathan wrote episodes for TV drama The Young Indiana Jones Chronicle. That was how he started working in an entertainment industry. In 1993 he received his first film credits for A Far-Off Place. He wrote the script for the earlier version of the movie. In 1995 his other two projects Jumanji and Die Hard with Vengeance got released. It got established from Hensleigh’s spec script. In 1997 he wrote the script for The Saint, but it got edited completely by others. So, he was frustrated. Hensleigh then wrote the script The Rock. But he did not receive any credits for the movie. So, he decided to earn it by Writers Guild of America arbitration.

He re-wrote for Gone in 60 Seconds and Con Air for which also he did not receive any credits. But he received credits as an executive producer for both the movies. In 1998 he worked for Armageddon, a disaster film. It was Hensleigh’s original idea, and he earned praise for the screenplay. The film was second highest grossing film for him, and it was a hit worldwide. In 2004, he directed the film The Punisher. He also directed Welcome to the Jungle in 2007 and Kill the Irishman in 2011.

In 1998 Jonathan was ready to direct The Hulk, but the project failed later. He married Eleanor A. Kaemmerer in August 1988. In 1995, June he married Gale Anne Hurd Gale Anne Hurd is an American movie and television >> Read More... Gale Anne Hurd . She is the producer of the film The Punisher. He saw her first in Paramount Commissary. Hensleigh started working on series Red Mars for AMC. It was a novel based series. Jonathan is a huge fan of Arsenal, London based football team. He is the stepfather of Lolita De Palma. He is living with his wife and daughter in South California. He is working for Disney in an action cum adventure script.