Anna Karina English Actress

Anna Karina, whose birth name is Hanne Karin Blarke Bayer, is a director, actress, writer, and screenwriter of Danish-French descent. She took birth on September 22, 1940, in the city of Solberg, Denmark. Her mother owned a dress shop, and her father was the captain of a ship. As a result, he couldn't devote much time to his family. She spent the first three years of her childhood with her maternal grandparents and then later in foster care. It was tumultuous for her since she felt unwanted and lonely. In teenage, she started doing modeling and worked in cabarets as a source of income. During this phase, Ib Schmedes, a Danish filmmaker, spotted her and offered her a role in his movies which traveled to Cannes. She then took classes in painting and dancing. However, after an argument with her mother, she packed her bags and shifted to Paris.

Since she had no money and couldn't communicate in French, she had to sleep on roads and pavements. A woman working for a modeling agency saw her and offered her a chance to do a photoshoot. The rest is history. She became the most sough-after model and worked for Coco Chanel and Pierre Cardin. In fact, it was Coco who gave her the stage name Anna Karina. She has acted in several films and TV shows including The Little Soldier, Tonight or Never, A Woman Is a Woman, Sun in Your Eyes, Cléo from 5 to 7, Three Fables of Love, She'll Have to Go, Sweet and Sour, Circle of Love, Un mari à un prix fixe, The Thief of Tibidabo, Band of Outsiders, The Camp Followers, All About Loving, Pierrot le fou, Made in U.S.A., Before Winter Comes, The Oldest Profession, Man on Horseback, Laughter in the Dark, Rendezvous at Bray, The Time to Die, The Salzburg Connection, The Wedding Ring, Bread and Chocolate, The Musician Killer, Just like Home, Up, Down, Fragile, The Story of a Mother, and The Truth About Charlie.

She has also authored Jusqu'au bout du hazard, Vivre ensemble, On nachoèthe pas le soleil, and Golden City. She has also sung major hits like Roller Girl, Sous le soleil exactment, Une histoire d'amour, and much more. She has also played pivotal roles in plays like Fait Beau Jour et Nuit, La Religieuse, Efter repetitionen, and much more. She has married four times. Her husband's names are Jean-Luc Godard, Dennis Berry, Pierre Fabre, and Daniel Duval. She has won the Berlin Film Festival's Best Actress Award.