Nancy Meyers English Actress
  • DOB : 08-12-1949
  • Age : 71
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Other Skills

Nancy Meyers is one of the most renowned producer, screenwriter and film director. She has directed a lot of blockbuster movies. Nancy Meyers was born on 8 December 1949; she is 66 years old now. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US. She is known to have two children and married her spouse Charles Shyer.

She had parents with the extreme occupation, with her father being a voting machine manufacturer and mother being an interior designer, she carved out a path completely new out of it and entered Hollywood with her occupation as a back screen worker. As a child, she was raised with Jewish teachings and Catholic background and neighbors. It is said that she gained interest towards the films, scripst, production at the age of 12 when she read the autobiography "Act One".

She is known to have completed her schooling in Pennsylvania and is graduated from the University of Washington D. C, where she acquired her degree in journalism. She started her career in Hollywood, as soon as she finished her graduation. She was offered a job as Production Assistant for the show called "The price is right". She then was known to recognize her writing skills as a scriptwriter until she got inspired by one of the most trending movie show "The Mary Tyler Moore show."

Later she held a job of screenwriter where she wrote scripts, held coverage and many projects related to scripts and screenplays. Later in the years, she is known to have quit her job to extend more command on her script writing skills, by working with many famous directors and filmmakers. Nancy Meyers married a person with the working genre of her kind, who is a producer, screenwriter, and a director as well in 1995.

Her spouse is Charles Shyer, and they got married in the most romantic place Rome, Italy. They lead a very happy life but later eventually it is said that they have moved apart as a result of divorce . Now, Nancy Meyers, has daughters Annie and Hallie, unlike their parents who are very famous as a producer , screen-writer, etc they are pursuing very infamous life with minor roles in the movies, trying to establish their fame with their efforts.