Daniel Goldberg is a Canadian screenwriter and film producer. He was born in Canada. He is a writer of various pictures like t Feds and a producer of Old School. Coming to Daniel’s works, in 1973, Daniel produced a low-cost cinema titled as Cannibal Girls. It is a horror cum comedy. Ivan Reitman Ivan Reitman is a big time producer and director i >> Read More... Ivan Reitman directed it. Eugene Levy Eugene Levy is an actor from Canada and is a comed >> Read More... Eugene Levy , Ronald Ulrich, and Andrea Martin Andrea Martin is an American comedian, actress, au >> Read More... Andrea Martin are the stars. Robert Sandler gave the story.

It released on 8th of June in 1973. It is the story of three young women who used to preach cannibalism. Ivan Reitman toured with this screenplay to Spain for the event of International Horror Festival. In 1979, Daniel wrote and produced Meatballs. It is a comedy based one. Ivan Reitman directed it. John Dunning produced it under Famous Players CFDC production. Bill Murray He is known to be one of the legendary actors in H >> Read More... Bill Murray , Kate Lynch, and Chris Makepeace acted in it. Elmer Bernstein composed music for it. It released on 29th of June in 1979. On Rotten Tomatoes, it scored 75% rating. Later, it had its sequels.

In 1981, Daniel wrote and produced Stripes. A comedy drama, featured Harold Ramis Ramis was born on November 21, 1944 in Chicago. Hi >> Read More... Harold Ramis , Warren Oates, Bill Murray, Sean Young Mary Sean Young is an American Actress born in Lou >> Read More... Sean Young , and John Candy John Franklin Candy was a Canadian actor and comed >> Read More... John Candy . Ivan Reitman directed it. Len Blum, Harold Ramis also worked with Daniel in writing the screenplay. It released on 26th of June in 1981. It had collected a good amount at the box office. On Rotten Tomatoes, it had 88% rating. Then, he was a writer for Heavy Metal.

It is an adult based animated movie. Ivan Reitman and Robert Balser made it under the direction of Gerald Potterton. It released on 7th of August in 1981. The story was based on the real art and stories by Bernie Wrightson, Thomas Warkentin, Richard Corben, and Angus McKie, and Dan O’Bannon. On Rotten Tomatoes, it marked up to 56% rating. He was the director and writer for Feds. Mary Gross and Rebecca De Mornay were the stars. Len Blum produced it.

In 1996, he made Space Jam. It was an animate-action-sports comedy drama. Joe Pytka directed it. It released on 15th of November in 1996. On review aggregate, the rates were 36%. In 2000, he produced Road Trip Travelling, Roaming and having fun is always what >> Read More... Road Trip , written by Todd Philips and Scot Armstrong. His next picture under his production includes 2001’s Evolution, 2003’s Old School, 2004’s Euro Trip, 2006’s School for Scoundrels, 2010’s Due Date Click to look into! >> Read More... Due Date , 2011’s The Hangover Part II and 2013’s The Hangover Part III. Daniel had arrested with Ivan for making Columbus of Sex that had been copied from a novel, My Secret life. Later, Ivan and Daniel worked together in Northern Lights Entertainment.