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Ivan Reitman is a big time producer and director in the Canadian film industry, very much known for the several hit comedy works, especially during the 80s and 90s. He is the proprietor of The Montecito Picture Company, founded in 2000. Reitman’s family came to Canada as refugees and stuck there from then on. Reitman is known to have gone to Oakwood College and later, to McMaster University, where he got a degree in music. He was quite a musician in the days. It was during his time in McMaster University that he found his love for filmmaking. He has directed several wonderful short films during his college days that have brought us to the present day legendary filmmaker. Reitman has passed on his filmmaking skills to his son ‘ Jason Reitman Jason Reitman was born on 19th October, 1977, in t >> Read More... Jason Reitman ’, who has created several fantastic movies for which he gained the Golden Globe Award. Reitman passed on his hysterical abilities to his daughters.

From the year 1971 till now, Reitman has brought forth some amazing and spectacular films. His first film was Fox Lady in the year 1971. For this movie, he wore the hat of a director. He also undertook the roles of a composer and editor. He filled in the shoes of a film producer with the release of the same film. Ivan Reitman can be described to be an all rounder in the cinema industry. Even though he is mainly known to fill the shoes of a director or a producer, he also undertakes the roles of composer, editor, music supervisor, etc. He was able to use his musical qualities to the best in this manner. Reitman’s works have been appreciated by all the film lovers. Films such as Ghostbusters have remained a favorite to all even after such a long time. Some of his creative works such as Meatballs, which was released in the year 1979, was given the Golden Reel Award and Ghostbusters, the Saturn Award for the Best Fantasy Film.

Reitman first worked in CITY-TV in Toronto. It was from here that he kicked off his career, although, he was thrown out within the first year itself. He worked extremely hard to climb back up, to the top of the ladder. Ivan Reitman is truly an indispensable part of the film community. Six days Seven Night and My Super Ex-Girlfriend are some of his hit movies. These films clearly portray a rare comical and yet serious quality that only Reitman could bring.