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David Foster, also known as David Walter Foster, is a Canadian songwriter, record producer, musician, and arranger. He has produced many music albums and video of various musicians around the world which include Christina Aguilera On 18th December 1980, Christina Aguilera was born >> Read More... Christina Aguilera , Alice Cooper, Toni Braxton Toni Michelle Braxton is an American singer, songw >> Read More... Toni Braxton , Chicago, Kenny G, Jennifer Lopez Jennifer Lopez aka Jennifer Lynn Lopez is an Ameri >> Read More... Jennifer Lopez , Andrea Bocelli, The Corrs, Jackie Evancho, Rod Stewart, West-life and much more. Foster has been nominated for 47 Grammy till date and has won 16 of them. He is also the chairman of Verve Records.

Foster was born in Victoria, British Columbia on 1st November 1949. His father was a maintenance superintendent, and his mother was a Home maker. At the age of 13, Foster started attending the University of Washington. He enrolled in the music program at the University. He joined a music band named Chuck Berry in the year 1966. During his teenage, he moved to England with the Strangers band and the Victoria rock band and then moved back to Toronto. In Toronto, he and his band played with Ronnie Hawkins for the first time. After that, he moved to Los Angeles. During the early 1970s, Foster was a keyboardist for the band Skylark. At that time, he was discovered by Eirik Wangberg. Their song named Wildflower was among the top 10 songs of the year. After sometime Foster and his band got separated, but Foster remained in Los Angeles. Later he met Jay Graydon and formed a band named Airplay. The band became successful in no time.

In the year 1976, Foster went to Guthrie Thomas. Foster played an important role in wind and Fire Album I am, released in the year 1979. He held the responsibility for both the studio player and an arranger. Foster most efficient and successful was as a songwriter in the song named After the Love Has Gone. For this song, Foster even won the Grammy for Best R&B Song. After that, Foster started working as an album producer. He produced an album for The Tubes. He produced their first album named The Completion Backward Principle in the year 1981. In 1983, Foster produced their second album Outside Inside. In 1980, Foster produced Boz Scaggs album named Middle Man. Foster even wrote the most of Boz Scaggs songs.

Foster was responsible for the success of the band Chicago. Foster produced their first album and their award winning album Chicago17 and Chicago18. Foster wrote many songs for the Chicago Band. Rolling Stone Magazine titled Foster as the Master of Bombastic Pop Kitsch in the year 1985. Foster even composed the songs for the movie St. Elmo’s fire. One of his songs was ranked as No.1 at the Billboard Hot 100. After signing a deal with Warner Bros, Foster set up his boutique known as 143 records. After sometime Foster sold his shares in the company to thee Warner Bros. Foster was later appointed as the Vice-President of the Company. In 2000, Foster produced many debut bands and musicians like Michael Buble, Charice and much more. Later in the year 2009, Foster started working with Diane Warren Diane Eve Warren is a renowned American songwriter >> Read More... Diane Warren , a songwriter and produced records for Whitney Houston’s album. In December 2011, Foster was declared as the Chairman of Verve Music Group.

Foster also has a foundation named David Foster Foundation, which provides medical support to children in need. Foster has been married to four women. He has a total of five daughters. Foster has been nominated for the Academy Awards three times for the Best Original Song title. He even won the Golden Globe Award in the year 1999 for Best Original Song for Prayer. He has also been titled as the Songwriter of the Year by BMI.