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Nas English Song Writer
DOB: 14 Sep 1973


James Blunt English Song Writer
DOB: 22 Feb 1974

James Blunt

Jason Derulo English Song Writer
DOB: 21 Sep 1989

Jason Derulo

Adele English Singer
DOB: 5 May 1988


Amelia Warner English Movie Actress
DOB: 4 Jun 1982

Amelia Warner

Benji Madden English Musician
DOB: 11 Mar 1979

Benji Madden

Big Sean English Singer
DOB: 25 Mar 1988

Big Sean

Billy Corgan English Musician
DOB: 17 Mar 1967

Billy Corgan



Feryna Wazheir English Movie Actress
Born: 25 July 1986

Age Now 38

Feryna Wazheir - (Movie Actress)

Darren Star English Producer
Born: 25 July 1961

Age Now 63

Darren Star - (Producer)

Janet Margolin English Movie Actress
Born: 25 July 1943

Lived For 49 Years

Janet Margolin - (Movie Actress)

Brad Renfro English Movie Actor
Born: 25 July 1982

Lived For 25 Years

Brad Renfro - (Movie Actor)

Angie Virgin English Movie Actress
Born: 25 July 1983

Age Now 41

Angie Virgin - (Movie Actress)

Illeana Douglas English Movie Actress
Born: 25 July 1965

Age Now 59

Illeana Douglas - (Movie Actress)

Aaron Craven English Director
Born: 25 July 1974

Age Now 50

Aaron Craven - (Director)

Mason Cook English Actor
Born: 25 July 2000

Age Now 24

Mason Cook - (Actor)


A songwriter is a person who pens down lyrics of a song

A songwriter is a person who pens down lyrics of a song. The work of a songwriter can either be done individually or as a group too. They are expected to be extremely creative so that the song appeals the most to the audience.

Songwriters need not necessarily write only for movies but also albums. In certain cases, they might be musicians with a good amount of knowledge and are capable of composing music for the same. A variation of a songwriter is a top liner. A top liner is one who writes lyrics for an existing music or tune.

A songwriter also plays a vital role in determining the success of a movie as music is the one thing which attracts majority of the people and refreshes their soul. Thus, it is a songwriter's duty to write in such a way that he attracts the audience and at the same time ensure the relevance of it to the movie.