Leopold Ross English Actor
Other Skills
    - Music Director

Popularly known as Leo Ross, Leopold Ross is a professional musician from England. He was born in Ladbroke Grove, Greater London. Apart from composing music, he is also a recording engineer and producer. He is a guitarist.

Early Life

Leo Ross started as a guitarist with Lo Echo band in Los Angeles. He founded the band Nojahoda in 1999 which was an electric rock band. Leo has five siblings. His brother Atticus Ross Atticus Ross is a British musician, composer, prod >> Read More... Atticus Ross is also a musician. He has worked alongside Atticus in producing music. His sister Liberty Ross is a model-actress. He has been associated with many bands during his career. He is also related to famous director Rupert Sanders.


When Leo founded Nojahoda, the band came up with just one album, Jahoda Witness in 1999. In this song, Leo was on guitar and vocals. After initially working on his own, he joined his brother Atticus in the band Error. He played the guitar and acted as a producer in the band. The band broke down because they did not have a vocalist. Leopold then helped produce music on Network Show, Touching Evil. Leo has worked in various capacities including producing the music. He is a professional recording engineering. After the fall of the band Error, he worked with bands like Bad Religion and The Big Pink. He went on tour with The Big Pink to assist them in 2010. Leo has written songs like Never Enough and Devil In My Life. Leo’s most regarded accolade is the BMI Music Award in 2009 for The Book of Eli.

Upcoming Projects

FLeopold Ross last featured in Ministry of Love with Lo Echo in 2013. He was the producer and writer of this song. He has not done anything significant since then.