Well Triple 9 would have raised expectations mostly for its ensemble cast But how has the movie turned out nbsp Read on to know more nbsp Plot Some Russ

Triple 9 Movie Review

Triple 9 Movie Review English Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Triple 9"
Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 18-02-2016
Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime
3 / 5.0

Well, Triple 9 would have raised expectations mostly for its ensemble cast. But how has the movie turned out?  Read on to know more. 


Some Russian gangsters (who were supposed to be in the military before) join hands with a group of wicked cops for a bank heist. The Russian mob is the force behind this act. Chiwetel Ejiofor leads this gang. This wicked guy has a child with the Russian mob head’s sibling Gal Gadot It was said that she was born to become “Wonder Wo >> Read More... . The boss is none other than the svelte and chic Kate Winslet From television appearances to Hollywood’s film cr >> Read More... , who assigns Ejiofor the risky job of stealing some files that would be instrumental in bringing out her husband who is imprisoned. Well, the gang has also hatched a plan to steal from a place of high security. They decide on murdering a cop so that they are in possession of the 999 police code. While an entire lot of police would be bent on finding the killer, the thugs and evil cops can rob the facility in a “diplomatic” manner that is so typical of the wicked mobsters! Watch Triple 9 to know what happens next.

Star Performances

The casting is done superbly, especially Kate Winslet, who shines in the crowd. Winslet walks around in the film with attractive hair and a whacky Russian accent. It is clear that this lady had a great time working on this movie. The sheer onscreen charisma of the actors is enough to enthuse the audience. In fact, Casey Affleck and Chiwatel Eljofer do their best to give a hardened look. Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson is an American activist and a popu >> Read More... also does a pretty good job. But is that enough to push a film which is weak on the premise?


John Hillcoat has consciously shot the movie in Atlanta, Georgia where mobster violence is on a high. There are also scenes that showcase guns being an integral portion of their culture.

What’s there?

  • The bank robbery at the commencement of the movie is remarkable since it is detailed and has captivating images. 
  • The action sequences are intriguing. 

What’s not there?

  • Though the movie is rich in its execution, the story plays spoilsport. 
  • The movie lacks that intelligence which is so required for movies of such genres. 
  • The movie is quite nostalgic. 
  • While some parts are good, we don’t get an overall impression that the movie is good. 
  • We get to see a lot of sullen faces and some evil cop drama which ends up getting irritating. 
  • The suspense element, which is so essential for such movies, could have been handled in a better manner.


For the action movie buffs, this movie is worth a watch.