Atticus Ross English Actor

Atticus Ross is a British musician, composer, producer, and audio engineer. His work with Trent Reznor is very well recognized. The duo worked for some award winning movies. Two of them are ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’, and ‘ The Social Network Click to look into! >> Read More... The Social Network ’.

Early Life:

Atticus Rose was born on 16 January, 1968, in Ladbroke Grove, Greater England. He was the son of Roxana and Ian Ross. His father, Ian Ross, was the founder of Radio Caroline. Atticus Rose’s family heritage got some well-known personalities, who are affluent as well. His great grandfather was a renowned Italian pathologist, Aldo Castellani, and his maternal grandfather was Miles Lampson, a British diplomat who was considered as the 1st Baron Killerearn.

His sister, Liberty Ross, was a celebrated fashion model of this epoch. He graduated from Eton College, where he was regarded as the contemporary for David Cameron, the future Prime Minister of England.

Career & Personal Life:

Ross’ career started as a programmer for Tim Simenson’s Bomb the Bass album, where he worked on music production and remix works. Before forming his own band (12 Rounds), he actually programmed and produced ‘As Above So Below’, under a collaborative relationship with Barry Adamson. He then formed 12 Rounds alongside his future wife Claudia Sarne Claudia Sarne is a famous singer and music compose >> Read More... Claudia Sarne and Adam Holden. They worked for around three albums in total, from which two were released and one wasn’t finished. Two albums that released were Jitterjuice & My Big Hero, whereas from his third album, 3 songs which were made for the album were released through their official website.

After traveling from UK to US in 2000, Ross worked as a programmer. He worked with bands like How to Destroy Angels, and Nine Inch Nails. He also brought out albums like The Slip, and Hesitation Marks, along with Year Zero, and With Teeth. The album, Ghosts I-IV, is also under his listing. He also produced some remix tracks alongside Grace Jones, Perry Farrell, and ‘Telepathe’. He then joined How to Destroy Angels, a band, which was created in collaboration with Reznor and his wife. From 1992 to 1999, Ross worked in 5 music bands. These bands were Tapeworm, 12 Rounds, and Nine Inch Nails, along with How to Destroy Angels, and Error.

Career in Films:

Until 2004, Ross’ career was only confined to bands and albums. In 2004, he grabbed an opportunity to work for Hughes Brother’s TV series, Touching Evil. After its success, Hughes Brothers gave Ross another opportunity to work on their franchises, which includes movies like New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York , and I Love You. Another movie was The Book Of Eli, and the movie’s tracks were released through Reprise Records. They earned him a nomination, “Discovery of the Year", at the 2010 World Soundtrack Awards.

1 July, 2010, stood as a milestone for Ross’ career as his longtime friend Reznor announced that he and Ross were working on David Fincher’s film, The Social Network. The duo’s fantastic music earned them two awards. One was for the category of best original score, which won them an Oscar. The second was a Golden Globe Award. Reznor and Ross were then reunited again for David Fincher’s 2011 release, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and eventually won an award in the category of best score soundtrack for visual media. This award was the Grammy.

Ross was roped in to work for Carl Rinsch’s samurai movie called 47 Ronin, in 2013, but was soon replaced by Javier Navarrete due to some unknown reasons. In 2014, Reznor and Ross reunited for David Fincher’s thriller movie, Gone Girl Click to look into! >> Read More... Gone Girl .