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Daniel Pemberton is an English music composer, who won the Ivor Novello Award and got nominated for the multi BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) as a composer. He was born on November 3, 1977, in the United Kingdom. Daniel is famous for bringing an extensive level of musical mediums, such as electronics, orchestral and more. After more than ten years, he already established himself as one of the most creative and innovative voices in the British television, notching several BAFTA and Emmy-award winning pieces such as Peep Show, Complicit, Space Dive, Upstairs Downstairs, Occupation, Desperate Romantics and a lot more. He shifted into films through the British horror film, The Awakening Click to look into! >> Read More... in 2011. Daniel’s brilliant skills in music caught Ridley Scott’s attention; he got impressed and hired Daniel to score the music in the crime thriller film, The Counselor Click to look into! >> Read More... with a full orchestra in 2013. In 2014, Daniel and Ridley collaborated again on the latter’s first television venture – The Vatican. Daniel also scored for Nick Murphy’s Blood in 2012, Jeremy Lovering’s In Fear in 2013, and James Griffiths Cuban Fury in 2014.

His work in these films earned him the Discovery of the Year award at the 2014’s World Soundtrack Awards. On August 2015, Daniel’s soundtrack album was released as he scored for Guy Ritchie’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E., which stars Henry Cavill Henry Cavill, a Britisher, was born in Jersey on 5 >> Read More... , Armie Hammer Born with the name Armand Douglas Hammer, Armand i >> Read More... , Alicia Vikander A girl mostly raised by a single mother Maria Fahl >> Read More... , Hugh Grant Hugh Grant aka Hugh John Mungo Grant, who is an En >> Read More... and more. Daniel uses a series of exceptional musical instruments such as cimbaloms, bass flutes, harpsichords and exotic percussion, which caught the attention of the moviegoers and the critics; making him one of the most versatile and exhilarating voices working in movies today. He recently collaborates with Academy Award-winning director Danny Boyle Danny Boyle is a British film producer, director, >> Read More... in the biographical drama film, Steve Jobs Click to look into! >> Read More... ; a film about the late Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs. Daniel composed the title tunes and music for various television series like Prey, The Game, Peep Show, Ambassadors, Space Dive, Prisoners’ Wives, Hell’s Kitchen, Suburban Shootout, Hiroshima, George Orwell: A Life in Pictures, The Yellow House, Dirk Gently, Napoleon, Monster Moves and a lot more. Aside from films and television, he also composed music for video games like LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2, The Movies, and Kinect Adventures. Daniel’s alias was called ‘The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra’ and some of his TV themes were released on his 2007 album, TVPOPMUZIK. The video game works were from the LittleBIGMusic album.


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