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The Counselor Teasers, Trailers & Video Songs

The Counselor is a crime thriller directed by Ridley Scott, an accomplished director, and written by Cormac McCarthy. The movie has a dark and violent tone about how greed will take you down a one-way road to purgatory. The film stars a plethora of prominent actors like Michael Fassbender, who played the Counselor, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and Javier Bardem. In simple terms the story about a drug deal gone terribly wrong.

The trailer of the film gives us a view of some of the memorable scenes explaining the direction of the movie without giving much away. The performance of the actors is phenomenal, and the soundtrack adds to the drama in the video. Despite the stunning cast and knighted director, the movie has the viewers confused about the story. While some consider the screenplay as Ridley’s masterpiece, others believe it to be perplexing to understand. Cameron Diaz gave an applaud worthy performance which got her nominated for the Best WTF Moment at the MTV Movie Awards. Whether this violent thriller is something worthwhile to watch or not, is wholly dependent on the viewer.