Armie Hammer English Actor
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Born with the name Armand Douglas Hammer, Armand is an American actor. He was born to Dru Ann and Michael Armand Hammer on 28 of August in the year 1986 in L.A, California, USA. His father, Michael, owns a production company and publishing house. Armie also has a younger brother Viktor. He went to schools like Faulkner’s Academy and also went to Grace Christian Academy. He has spent some of his years of education in L. A. Baptist High School. 

During his school times, Armie realised that he was meant for something much more, so he dropped out of school and went on to follow his heart and pursue a career in the Hollywood industry as an actor. Armie’s parents disapproved initially and were not too happy and supportive of the fact that their son had left his education. They later, however, changed their opinions about the decisions that Armie had made as he has now become a fairly successful actor.
Apart from his passion for acting, Armie is also passionate about music, and he plays the guitar fairly well.
Armie began his journey in the television industry by a series named ‘Arrested Development’ which was first aired in the year 2005. This marked his start of a bright and beautiful career in the field of acting. His debut in the arena of films didn't happen until the year 2006 where he played a mundane cameo  and the name of this movie was Flicka. 

The most appreciated and commendable roles that Armie became known for were roles like the twins that he played in Social Network.
A friend of Armie’s introduced him to Elizabeth Chambers, who is an actress and a model. They grew closer day by day and culminated their relationship into marriage in the year 2010. They were blessed with a little girl on 1st of December 2014 who they named Harper.