Teri Lynn Hatcher is an American singer and actress born on 8th December 1964, in a place called Palo Alto Click to look into! >> Read More... Palo Alto located in California. Hatcher is taller than an average female around the height of 5'81/2. She is also a presenter, writer and an ex-cheerleader of National Football League. Hatcher became famous for the role of "Lois Lane" in the Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman of the ABC series during 1993-97. She also played the character of "Susan Meyer" in the sequence of "Desperate Housewives" from 2004 to 2012. She is a descendant of English, Welsh, Irish and also Syrian, and Czech ancestry. Her mother Esther is a computer programmer and father Owen Walker Hatcher is a nuclear physicist and electrical engineer.

Hatcher took ballet lessons as a child at San Juan School of Dance. From elementary to middle school she attended the Margo Junior High which is now named as Sunnyvale Middle School and during high school, she went to Fermont High school. Teri studied at De Anza College located in Cupertino. She married Marcus Leithold in the year 1988 and divorced him within a year into their marriage. Later Hatcher and Jon Tenney tied the knot in 1994. Unfortunately, their marriage didn't last longer than nine years. Hatcher stated that she was abused sexually by Richard Hayes Stone(uncle) since she was five years old.

Her parents were clueless about the exploit. After her experience, she assisted the prosecutors of Santa Clara Country for a molestation case in which the female victim of age fourteen committed suicide. The abuser Stone pleaded guilty for four molestation cases, and he was sentenced to prison for fourteen years. He died of Colon Cancer in August 2008 after serving six years of his jail sentence. Hatcher took up acting course in American Conservatory Theater. She was a former cheerleader for San Francisco 49ers. She played the role of Amy in the series of "Love Boat" from September 1985 to May 1986.

She got her first breakthrough in Hollywood through "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman." In an audition for the movie, "Tomorrow Never Dies" Hatcher snatched the role of Paris Carver. During the shoot of the film, Teri was around three months pregnant. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on November 10, 1997. According to the statistics of April 2006, Teri Hatcher is one of the highest paid American television actresses. In the year 2010, she acted in the Superman series as a special guest in the character of Ella Lane. She was ranked 38 as "The Hottest Women of All Time" in the magazine, 'Men's Health.'