Birthday: 01-07-1967
Age: 52
Star sign: Leo


Pamela Anderson is a well known and powerful person in Hollywood, who has been entertaining people all over the world from the year 1989. This Canadian – American actress, who had a rather troubled childhood, had made sure to reach great heights, doing all what she possibly can do. Pamela is a fairly busy person, taking into account all the various roles that she plays. She has undertaken the roles of an incredibly successful actress who has done over a dozen films. She is noted for the amount of sincerity she puts into the work she does. She has acted in a long series of soap operas and big screen films. She started out by doing a soap opera named “Married with Children”, which was aired in the year 1990. She did the role of Yvette. Although this was just an episodic appearance, this role has what introduced her to this big media industry. The first show in which she was the lead was “ Baywatch”, in the years 1992 – 1997. She undertook the role of Casey Jean (C. J.) Parker. She has done several other TV shows, playing the lead roles, supporting roles, recurring roles or simply doing guest roles. Her debut movie is “The Taking of Beverly Hills”, which came out in the year 1991. In the film, she played the role of a cheerleader.

She went ahead by doing numerous more films. Apart from acting, she has also taken an interest in another field in the film industry. She has shown great interests for producing films too. Like all major or minor artists, she too had taken up modeling before entering the acting field. She was seen to have appeared in various editions of the “Playboy” magazine, and even holding the title ‘Playmate of the Month.' She has also taken up interests in writing and publishing her written works. Another major highlight in her list of achievements is her involvement regarding animal rights. She has played a major role regarding the animal rights movement and has also done what is possible within her power to do against the fur producing industry. She is also a promoter of veganism.

Paget Brewster English Actress

Paget Brewster

Paget Valarie Brewster is an exceptional actress who has entertained people worldwide with the rare and beautiful talent that she has been graced with. Paget is a very successful Holywood actress who came into limelight with the infamous TV show “Friends”. In the show, she is seen to have done quite an important role in the fourth season. Her character was named ‘Kathy’, who was Joey’s girlfriend at first and then becomes Chandler’s Girlfriend. This role acted like a big break for her, for she was able to do dozens of various other soap operas as well as films. Paget was born on 10th March 1969, in the United States (U. S.). It was in her first year of degree that she got the offer to act in the film “Let’s Talk about Sex”. Her debut film was a notable work, and it thus paved a way for young Paget into the glamorous film industry. She left her degree course to pursue acting. But it wasn’t until “Friends” came along that her luck had turned. She could be then seen to be running around, doing numerous films and shows. She has made guest appearances in many soap operas. Whether a part in a film or a guest appearance in a soap opera, Paget makes sure that she puts in all of her enthusiasm and energy into it. She makes sure that no role done by her goes to waist. After all, every appearance she makes acts as a lesson for her to improve her skills. She tries to polish her skills to the fullest. She had been hosting a late night talk show in the 1990s named “The Paget Show”, which had an overall of sixty-five episodes. It was then that her lucky charm doubled up and got a chance in “Friends”. She continues to surprise her audience with her amazing skill.


Pamela Gray

Pamela Gray is an extraordinary actress who has been abundantly blessed with the talent to entertain people for hours. She is an exceptionally talented actress who has done around thirty films and soap operas, and added along with that is the countless Broadway shows that she undertook. Gray has been able to portray her characters in such a way that they leave a lasting impression on the viewers. With a realistic as well as complicated, but at the same time extremely entertaining expressions that she portrays and the actions she does, she is more than capable of handling her audience. Watching Gray on screen is a magical experience for the viewers, enchanting them, and taking them into some other world – a world beyond reality. This is a unique and rare quality that she has been blessed with. Gray, upon finding her exceptional talent had taken a course in the field of acting from Yale School of Drama – a highly prestigious institution. After graduating from Yale with flying colors, Gray was seen to debut in the movie “Dogs: The Rise and Fall of an All-Girl Bookie”. In the movie that was released on 1996, Gray handled the role of ‘Stephanie’. The movie depicts the life of four girls, who are in their twenties, broke, without a job and an overdue rent. They start a small rookie joint in the kitchen. They suddenly find that they are now able to pay their dues and even donate to charity. The story also plays with the girls love lives and also brings in a picture of their mothers, and the approving/disapproving notations brought in by them regarding the lives of their daughters. ‘Stephanie’ has been portrayed by Gray in a very life-like way. The manner in which she shows the desperate and foolish acts of a broke girl is very well done. She is equally able to stun her audience with the live performances in the Broadway shows.

Pamela Gray English Actress