10 Facts About Big Boss Hindi Article

A well-furnished house, full of cameras, celebrity, and drama is one adventure ride and that is why Big Boss is the most watched reality show. Everybody tends to enjoy seeing two people fight, and that is the purpose of the show Big Boss to provide this level of entertainment. The live face-off makes the competition much more interesting, and add the spice required. This spice is enjoyed by the viewers a lot. Although, every Big Boss fan knows a lot about the show, here are some facts which they might have skipped.

1. Gautam Gulati A young, handsome, and most-talented hero look guy >> Read More... Gautam Gulati was the Youngest Winner

This handsome guy Gautam Gulati, not only won the show but also won the title of being the youngest winner in Big Boss. He appeared in season 8, and was aged 27 by then. His gorgeous face and sharp mind made him stay in the house, and win the show.


2. The House is Haunted

This might be just myth for some of the contestants and the crew members have reported some women shadow in the house. This incident has occurred many times and the shadow has feared them all.


3. Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson is a well known and powerful perso >> Read More... Pamela Anderson cost a lot


This foreign beauty entered the house and raised the TRP of the show by her mere presence. She charged a huge amount of 2.5 Crore for her 3-day appearance,and she surely increased the temperature inside the house.

4. Alcohol is served in the house


The house is full of celebrities and they do have demands. They sometimes demand for things which are not allowed but since they are high rated, they have to be provided by the things. The alcohol is served to them in the packets of juices.


5. The contestants sleep during the day too

The celebrities love their beauty sleep and they must have it. They make sure about the fact, and do not miss a chance to dose off. The celebs soon find the places which are away from the camera and have a great snooze there.


6. The Contestants don’t clean the Entire House


The cameras are every-where and we think that we see what’s really going on, but the truth is, the contestants do not clean the entire house. They just clean a particular area which is shown, and the rest house is cleaned by the workers.

7. The Place is Known

The Big Boss house is no more a mystery. The house is tracked and the place is revealed. The place is located in a remote place in Lonavala.

8. The Wild Card Never Wins

This might be proven wrong in the coming years but till date, it is a fact that the wild card entries never win the show. Many celebs came as a wild card in the hope that they would perform exceptionally well but the audience did not like them. They stuck towards their constants and made them win.

9. Prince Narula Prince Narula is a famous Television celebrity and >> Read More... Prince Narula is actually a Prince

Prince Narula, the dashing handsome winner of Big Boss 9, is more of Prince of Reality shows. We are quoting this because he has won many other reality shows like MTV Splitsvilla 8, and MTV Roadies X2.

10. The Shortest Season

All celebs are to stay in one house for quite a while, but there was a season which had a very short span. Season 3 was just of 84 days.