10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Drug Addicts Before

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Drug Addicts Before English Article

Getting addicted to drugs can turn into a worst nightmare. And these celebs have proved it right!! The following celebs are the ones who almost ruined their reputation in film industry.

#1 'Macaulay Culkin':


The “Home Alone” star featuring “Calvin” in the movie is one among them. This cute little actor just turned into a major drug addict in his later stage. Fortunately, he has overcome the addiction.


#2 Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Dee Lohan is a multitalented American. Act >> Read More... Lindsay Lohan :


Pretty women are taken down by drugs they said, and that proved true in the case of Lindsay Lohan. It’s clear from the transformation she has been through after drugs.



#3 Britney Spears Britney Jean Spears or Britney Spears is an Americ >> Read More... Britney Spears :


This top rated singer was pushed to a very pathetic condition once when she has been addicted to drugs. She even shaved her hair for erasing the history of her drug usage as someone told her that they can scientifically prove drug usage with a sample of hair. She wanted to start over. And she did.



#4 :


Who wouldn’t love Iron man? Well, he experienced some worst nightmares too. He had been a drug addict for a very long time and rumours say that his very own dad turned his him into this. Robert Downey Jr was even arrested for having drugs illegally. But now he’s clean!



#5 Edward Furlong Edward Furlong was born Edward Walter Furlong on t >> Read More... Edward Furlong :

The child artist who gave a phenomenal hit in the movie “Terminator 2”, was however, filed to be a drug addict later on. His struggle was real. But he fought through it by attending many rehab sessions.


#6 Courtney Love Courtney Michelle Love whose birth name is Courtne >> Read More... Courtney Love :

Courtney was a well-publicised struggle with drugs over the years. She became a drug addict before the age of 19, report says. Later on, she started attending rehab sessions to get relieved from drugs.


#7 :

Carlos Irwin Estevez aka Charlie Sheen, is very well known by for his works in “Two and a Half Men”. In 1998, due to overdosing overdose of cocaine, he was hospitalized. Later on, he was diagnosed with HIV positive after his rehab sessions.


#8 Matthew Perry Matthew Langford Perry, or popularly known by all >> Read More... Matthew Perry :

Matthew Perry is marked for his very impressive work in the “ Friends A journey of six friends, living with each other i >> Read More... Friends ” series as “Chandler Bing”. He openly admitted that he’s addicted to opium and fought for the recovery. He was even awarded for the fight he put forward to repel this icky quality of his. Today he’s clean and fights for drug awareness.


#9 Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson is a well known and powerful perso >> Read More... Pamela Anderson :

This actress, who had a tough time in her childhood, was misled by the usage of drugs. She admitted that she was addicted to cocaine. But today, she’s clean.


#10 Amy Winehouse Amy Winehouse was a British songwriter and singer >> Read More... Amy Winehouse :

Amy Winehouse, an excellent singer, passed away at the very young age of 27 due to her addiction to alcohol. After her death, doctors found that the blood alcohol content was more than five times the legal drink and drive limit.