Kabul Express Click to look into! >> Read More... “, “Self Defence”, “My Dear Father” and “ Dam 999 Click to look into! >> Read More... ” are just few of her notable films in Bollywood. Linda is a notable Texas model turned actress from Tamil and Telugu movies.

Born Linda Arsenio on June 20, 1978 from Galveston Island, Texas, U.S.A. She graduated Degree in Acting from Actors’ Conservatory in Dallas. Since she have theatrical and musical experiences and expertise, she didn’t have any problems on pursuing her career in Texas, New York Click to look into! >> Read More... and eventually in Bollywood.

She made her debut in the independent movie film “The Process of Creative Deception” 2001. She also made special appearances in the movies “Sachein, Bhadra, Kana Kandaen, Thotti Jaya” all in 2005. She made her first notable role in the movie “Kabul Express” as Jessica Beckham and which was entirely shot in Afghanistan in 2006. She also starred in the movies “Self Defence, My Dear Father, Mumbai Salsa” in 2007. She also did the movie “Aloo Chaat and Pazhassi Raja” in 2009. Also showed in “Kedi” in 2010 and “Dam 999” in 2011. She also showed in ‘Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star.” In 2013, her movie DAM 999 claimed/received various awards including “Best International Feature Film.” It is also the first Indian Movie to be selected for “Golden Rooster Awards” in 2012 and “Best English Film” at Sangli Film Festival.
Kylie Minogue English Actress

Kylie Minogue

She was dubbed the “Pop Princess” before Britney Spears. She sold millions of albums and gained media attention for her non-stop world-tour. She is often-remarkable with her sweet and pleasant girl in interviews and TV-Show appearances.Born as Kylie Ann Minogue on May 28, 1968 from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She gained popularity first from the Australian TV soap opera “Neighbors” as a boyish-like mechanic. She also appeared in the film “The Delinquents, Street Fighter as Cammy, Bio-Dome, Moulin Rouge, Jack and Diane, Holy Motors and San Andres.” Minogue was branded the “Goddess of Pop” long before other your pop-singers evolved. She respect in the humanitarian works by performing and donating huge volume of money to any charitable institutions that he chose.She was cited to be the one who influenced other group female-artists. She was the first young singer to uphold positive criticisms and a real-life role model for any upcoming young artists. Fans were saddened when she exposed and openly discussed her situation about her breast cancer. Instead of having depressing words, he received numerous citations and words of perseverance for her to fight and even from the Prime Minister of Australia John Howard that they are supporting the idol to fight for breast cancer.With this expose, Minogue brought an immediate call to young female to go regular breast mammography to prevent early stages of cancer. Doctor’s around the world commended Minogue and even received the “honorary Doctor of Health Science degree by Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom” for speaking freely for others and encouraging them to have routine check-ups and for raising awareness. She was listed to be one of “The Most Successful Woman” in entertainment industry. She earned a place at the “ARIA Hall of Fame.”  She received awards from Brit and Grammy Awards.


Lisa Lazarus

“Beauty and Brain” like what other people say. A beauty title holder and with huge interest with medical technologies like X-Ray machines and radiation machine. Her “immortal-ness” Lisa Lazarus was born November 11, 1987 in Llanelli, Wales. She’s now turned actress model after winning the title in a beauty pageant. A beauty title holder with records of “30-24-34” body-physique and 5 feet and 10 inches in height. She is also a polyglot that can speak English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Spanish and Welsh. At the age of fourteen she already joined various beauty pageant and won her first title at the age of sixteen.She joined the University of Hertfordshire and took the Degree in Diagnostic Radiography. She have remarkable grades with Chemistry, Physics and English. She is the title holder of “Miss Universe 2008” in UK. After this she made debut role for the movie “Veer” in 2009 and “Madrasapattinam” in 2010. She posed for different reputable magazines like Sugar, Bliss, That’s Life, Spirit & Destiny, Nuts Magazine, Zoo Magazine, OK (Middle East), FHM, Tigi, GHD, Elizabeth Arden and more. She also have full-time model and commercial works with L’Oreal, Cobella, Fitness First, Yoga Magazine, Jovani, Triumph, Helen Rhiannon, Mark Jermin and other lingerie and swimwear fashion shoots. She also made and appeared in television programs like Sky Pineapple Dance Studios, Trust me I am a beauty therapist, S4C and more. She was then rumored to be dating the Manchester Football Player Gerard Piqué Bernabeu.With regards to this, she would like to launch also her own lingerie shop and also lines that will specialize for breast cancer patients. She is almost awarded and close to become the Goodwill Ambassador for Joshua Foundation.

Lisa Lazarus English Actress