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Li Bingbing is an Asian actress and singer. She was born on 27th February 1973 in the glorious place of Wuchang. Her birth sign is Pisces, and she is 42 years old. The actress says she never had plans of pursuing acting as a career. She says she always wanted to be a teacher, and she entered high school with the same thought. Later in her educational career, she was revealed to her new talent. She says one of her colleague and friend motivated her and asked to give this a try. And this made her way to joining Shanghai Theatre Academy in the year 1993. It is to be noted that this was just the start. The actress made her debut in the year 1999 with Zhang Yuan's venture called Seventeen Years. This movie also bagged her Best Actress Award in the Singapore Film Festival. In the year 2001, she tried her hands in television series Young Justice Bao. This series gained her fame more than anything. This series and her character went popular all over China. That year went great for the actress as she has also won the appreciation as being among the top ten popular actor/actress of China at a prestigious award ceremony. She was now an action-packed actress after this as she went on portraying similar kind of action role in some other series also. The year 2005 got her the first ever best actress nomination Golden Rooster Award for the Waiting Alone, which was a directorial venture of Dayyan Eng. she also won the Best Actress award at the 12th Beijing college film festival the same year. This bagged her Feng Xiaogang’s movie A World without Thieves. With this movie, she managed to earn to the nomination for Best Supporting Actress at the prestigious Hundred Flowers Awards. She won Huabiao Awards for Best Actress in the year 2007. Next to this year, in 2008, she won Hundred Flowers Award for her performance in The Knot. The movie was so appealing to every audience that this made China's entry for Academy Award in the year 2008.

Audiences recall their favorite action star the most for her character as the White-Haired-Witch in the much talked about the movie called the Forbidden Kingdom which also starred Jet Li Often called as the “Pretty Boy from Beijing.” Fam >> Read More... and action star Jackie Chain. The year 2008 had much for her and at the end of the year, she won best leading actress award at the Golden Horse Award for her role in the action thriller movie called The Message. She appeared recently in Resident Evil: Retribution and Transformer: Age of Extinction. She will be recreating the same role in the final part of the movie series Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The recent news also says that Lee will be starring in the joint venture of two production houses Fundamental Films and the Stan Lee Global Entertainment. The movie will be a superhero theme, and Lee will play the role of first ever female superhero rather we should say super-heroine in the movie. The movie will b called as ‘Realm.’ The team indeed has all the aces with it, and so the script writer of the movie will be Alex Litvak. He has also written movie such as Predators. But they say the story is the original idea of Lee and co-makers of characters such as The Hulk, Thor, The X-men, etc. Lee will also shake hands as a co-producer for this movie along with the two other production houses. Indeed, we can say such a creative as well as the practical decision by Lee.

She says she is more than excited about the project. For her, the project is too much fun because she was working on an international character and she was doing something different this time in her career. She says it is a great opportunity for her to work with on this project. Li was recently shooting for her super-hero movie in Australia where she suffered from viral fever. She claimed she did not get enough care and cited that it may kill her if she spends one more night suffering in the hospital. She was suffering from pain and weakness a lot. Li not being cured in the Australian hospital even after so many days took the decision of moving back to her homeland. In China with treatment and some medication she began to feel better quickly and also mentioned posting on a social networking site. It was tough for her in Australia, but the care of motherland healed her quickly. Some also suspected the medical drama could be a publicity stunt for the upcoming movie ‘Realm.’ What-so-ever is the reason we wish our favorite action star to stay fit and healthy.


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