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Seventh Son Teaser, Trailer & Video Songs

Seven has always been a number related to power and magic, and the seventh son of the seventh son is the chosen one prophesied to slay the evil witch. Seventh Son is an action fantasy filled with magic, witches, and creatures of the dark. Directed by Sergei Bodrov, the movie follows the basic plot of the novel ‘The Spook’s Apprentice.’ The trailer is jam-packed with medieval structures, an evil sorceress, and frightening creatures. The action sequences are thrilling, especially, the ones with the four-armed demon and the terrifying dragons.

The film has a ‘Lord of the Rings’ vibe to it, as they both stem from a similar story line. The graphics and special effects are superb, and the battle scenes get the blood pumping. The scenery and landscape are captivating, and the designs of the monsters are magnificent. The movie has a prominent cast that is sure to provide entertainment. The story concept is new and exciting, giving the director ample ways to convey the idea. Julianne Moore portrays the role of the evil queen of the witches with conviction and confidence, thus adding substance to her character. All in all, the film has the potential to be a compelling and a fascinating story from the looks of the trailer. With a sturdy plot, an innocent romance, and mind-numbing action, it is sure to be a fun experience.