Top 10 Hollywood Movies For Sci-Fi Lovers

Top 10 Hollywood Movies For Sci-Fi Lovers English Article

Few things are better than a movie that talks about science, space, travel, etc. and satiates the curiosity of sci-fi enthusiasts. Her Click to look into! >> Read More... Her e are a few that are the best in the category and will leave you in awe.

1) ‘ Interstellar Click to look into! >> Read More... Interstellar ’ (2014)


In the futuristic 21st century when crop blight is at its worst, Joseph Cooper, a widowed former NASA pilot, discovers a secret NASA facility with his daughter Murphy and from there begins their adventure to save the people of the planet. With accurate scientific technology and incredible acting by the cast, Interstellar by Christopher Nolan Christopher Nolanwears mutliple hats. He is one of >> Read More... Christopher Nolan is a treat for those who wonder how long we have to live on this planet.

2) ‘ Inception Click to look into! >> Read More... Inception ’ (2010)


Another on the list by Christopher Nolan is Inception, which might be the masterpiece of Nolan. The movie tracks Leonardo DiCaprio’s dream-theft as he attempts to pull the biggest heist of his career to return home to his children and get past the death of his wife. The editing in the movie is quite remarkable, and it remains to be on top of the lists of sci-fi lovers even after six years.

3) The Martian Click to look into! >> Read More... The Martian (2015)


The Martian is a story based on a book by author , and follows the adventures of a NASA astronaut, Mark Watney, as he is stranded on Mars after his crew-mates had thought that he died in the dust storm and left him there. The movie is about the survival instincts that Watney finds himself consumed with when he finds himself alone on a planet that cannot yet sustain life.

4) ‘ Avatar Click to look into! >> Read More... Avatar ’ (2009)


This movie needs no introduction as it broke almost every single box office record ever set and made the maximum revenue ever made by any film in the whole world. Set in the 22nd century, Avatar is about humans colonizing Pandora to mine the mineral unobtanium, but in the process hurting the native indigenous species of that planet. The movie by and far depicts how humans will eventually destroy everything that comes in their selfish ways.

5) ‘ Looper Click to look into! >> Read More... Looper ’ (2012)

This science fiction crime thriller is sure to keep one hooked during its second half and engrossed in the first one. Looper is set in 2074 when time traveling has been invented but is used only by criminals to send those that they want to be killed in the past and then “loopers”, assassins primarily, kill them. Things become interesting when Joe, a looper encounters his future self, sent back in time to be killed.

6) ‘Wall-E’ (2008)


Wall-E is an animated science fiction movie by Pixar Studios that follows the adventures of Wall-E, a robot designed to clean the futuristic Earth, and its love interest Eve, another robot sent to detect life on Earth, as they both go into outer space and encounter some perplexing and horrifying situations.

7) Children Of Men (2006)


Children of Men is based on the 1992 novel by P. D. James. The movie is set in 2027 when almost two decades of human infertility later, humanity is on the brink of collapse. Theo, a civil servant, is entrusted with transporting a young immigrant woman, who is pregnant, the first person in a generation to be so. This movie bagged three nominations for the Oscars namely – Best Cinematography, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Film Editing, and has received high critical response worldwide.

8) Upstream Color Click to look into! >> Read More... Upstream Color (2013)


Upstream Color is perhaps the most strange love story and yet a pure sci-fi genius. Following the life of a man and woman who are affected by a complex parasite without even knowing, the movie shows the uncanny side of love and the illusion of identities.

9) ‘ District 9 Click to look into! >> Read More... District 9 ’ (2009)


District 9 presents a distinct metaphor through aliens-on-earth on racial, economic and social bigotry. This movie is recommended not just for its futuristic sci-fi aspect but also because of the issues that it raises and reminds us that the future is not just about technology but also about withering away if the present is not preserved.

10) ‘Her’ (2013)

A romantic science-fiction film, Her follows Theodore Twombly, who falls in love with his computer’s highly evolved operating system, who is personified as a female. This movie reaffirms our faith in the fact that some beautiful masterpieces are created when more than one genre is depicted smartly on the big screen.