Huang Shengyi is a Chinese singer and an actress. She was born in Shanghai on 11 February 1983. She attended Beijing Film Academy and graduated in the year 2001. 

In 2004, she starred in an action comedy film 'Kung Fu Hustle', in 2004 for which she had signed a contract with the director Stephen Chow. In the 24th Hong Kong Film Awards, she was nominated for The Best Newcomer. In 2005, she appeared in the magazine photo shoot and ended the contract with Stephen Chow. She made a guest appearance in the movie called 'Flying Sword'. She has worked in numerous Television series with China Juli group. She appeared on the show 'Tianxian Pei' in 2007. In the same year, she appeared in another T.V. series called 'The Shadow to Empress Wu'.

In 2008, she joined Emperor Entertainment Group. She was made the CEO of Juli group’s Entertainment Media Company, in 2009. In 2010, she acted in 'Guangfu Taiji Chuanqi'. In 2011, she appeared in a fantasy action film ' The Sorcerer and the White Snake'. She has worked in many other films as well as T.V. series in her career. Her two films will be released soon. These films are called 'Party King' and 'The Bombing'.

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Huang arose in Shanghai. She completed her graduation from the Beijing Film Academy. The director Stephen Chow chose her to play the female lead character in his action comedy movie named 'Kung Fu Hustle' in the year 2004. The role earned her the nomination of "Best New Performer" at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

Huang Shengyi has gone on to star in many movies include 'Call For Love' (2007), 'The Founding of a Republic' (2009), 'Race To Witch Mountain' (2009), 'The Man Behind the Courtyard House' (2010), 'A Singing Fairy' (2010) and 'The Fantastic Water Babes' (2010). Her upcoming movies are 'Party King' and 'The Bombing'.

Huang Yi

Huang Yi is a Chinese actress and a singer. She was born on 13 September 1979. She attended TV film department in The Shanghai Institute of Oriental Culture. In 1998, she appeared in a Chinese television series called Ernu Yingxiong Zhuan, which means the story of hero boys and hero girls. In the very next year, she appeared in about five Chinese series and a film called 'Be crazy for you'. She played a role of a reporter in the film. In 2000, She appeared in two films called 'X roads' and 'Crash landing'. She played an air hostess in Crash landing. With stepping into films, she did not quit the T.V. industry and in 2002, she appeared in about five other Chinese series. Many other series in the Chinese film industries were remarked by her performances in the next years. The next year, that is in 2003, she appeared in the movie called 'Gewuji Ting'an Neiren'. She appeared in 'The last concubine', a Chinese T.V. series in the same year. In 2003, she sang the theme song of 'My fair princess lll'. From this song, she started a career in singing and sang many songs in next years. In 2004, she appeared in two television series namely; 'Wind and cloud 2' and 'To live to love'. Sheacted in the movie called 'Six strong guys' that was released in 2004. The next year that is 2005, she played a role in the film 'Everlasting Regret'. In the same year, she also appeared in many Chinese television series. She has given a vast contribution to the Chinese film industry and Chinese television industry as well as the Chinese music industry.

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