Ellen Burstyn English Actress
  • DOB : 07-12-1932
  • Age : 89
  • Star Sign : Sagittarius
Other Skills

Ellen Burstyn is an actress in America and was born on 7th of December in 1932. During the late 1950s, her career took a start with theater and within the next decade, she had done many television films and series. Then in 1971, she performed the drama “The Last Picture Show” and for this, she was nominated for best supporting actress Academy Award. After this, she took a move from the supporting role to leading and stage roles. Then in 1973, she was nominated for her second Academy Award for the lead role performance in 1973 for the movie “The Exorcist” and she also won the best actress award for it.

After this, she worked for the American comedy drama named “Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”. Then in 1975, she also received the lead role performance award, the Tony Award for the production “Next Year” and was also awarded with the Golden Globe award and a nomination for her fourth Academy Award for acting in the 1978 version of the play. She got nominations for many awards. Some of these are- Golden Globe Awards, Emmy Awards, Academy Award etc. She also received the award of Triple Crown of Acting, which was received only by rare performers. During 2013, she was the part of the “American Theatre Hall of Fame”, a foundation during 1972.

She was born in Michigan and the name of her parents were- Correine and John Austin. Her ancestry was Irish, with a mix of Indian, Pennsylvania, and French. Her older brother was Jack and Steve was her younger brother. During her young age, her parents got divorced and afterwards she spent her life with her stepfather and her mother. The schools she attended were - Cass Technical High School and University Preparatory School. The second school allows students to choose a specific field of education. She did her major in Fashion. During her high school, she was a student council member and also president of the junior class.

Then she dropped out from high school after failing a year. She later got the appointment for a modelling job in a department store in Michigan. She further went to Dallas and continued her modeling there. This was before going to New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . During 1955-1956, she performed as the dancing girl in the show “The Jackie Gleason”. Then she became an actress at the professional level and kept her name “Ellen McRae”. After marriage, she changed her surname finally with “Neil Burstyn’s” surname.

Coming to her personal life, she married Bill Alexander in 1950 and was divorced on 1957. Then she married Paul Roberts and in 1961, this couple gave birth to “Jefferson”. In the same year, this couple got a divorce. Then in 1964, she married “Neil Nephew” who changed his name later to “Neil Burstyn”. But due to violence created by Neil, she finally left him and even after his long perusals, she did not want to be together and stayed unmarried after that.