Daughter of civil rights activist, Caroline Aaron, was born on August 7, 1952. After receiving her degree as a student of performing arts she did her first role in the movie ‘Brother from another planet’ as the character Randy Sue Carter. The movie is about an alien named Brother, who escapes from his home planet and begins his life as a human on Earth. This movie received very mixed reviews and got a rating of 6.8/10. She then went on to play other minor roles in movies like ‘O.C. and Stiggs’, and ‘Heartburn’. She did her first important role in the 1989 production ‘Crimes and Misdemeanours’ as Barbara. The movie did very well at the box office, receiving a rating of 8/10.

Later on, she got a role in Tim Burton’s movie ‘Edward Scissorhands’ and acted alongside renowned actor Johnny Depp An iconic award-winning-actor that doesn’t watches >> Read More... Johnny Depp . The movie revolves around a man named Edward who has lived in isolation since he has scissors for hands. The movie follows him as he tries to live amongst other people and their reaction and thoughts about him.

The movie had a critical acclaim receiving a rating of 8/10. In 1990, she was cast in the Woody Allen Heywood Allen, also known as Heywood “Woody” Allen >> Read More... Woody Allen production called ‘Alice’ where she played the role of a woman named Sue. The movie followed the story of Alice as she realizes where her heart truly lies and leaves behind her materialistic desires to follow the path of the person she admired her whole life, Mother Teresa.

The movie received a rating of 6/10. She was then cast in the 1993 movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ where she played the role of Dr. Marcia Fieldstone. A romantic comedy this movie shows how love needs a little magic to survive. The movie got a fairly good rating of 6.8/10. Caroline Aaron has also performed in many TV shows such as Law and Order and Two broke girls.