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“I Love to do comedy – I get a laugh out of it, it’s not so serious”. -Carmen Electra 

Carmen Electra is a model, actress, and Television personality with an exotic skin tone, beautiful face, charming personality, catchy blue eyes and an amazing sizzling figure who always knew that she is born to become a beat of million hearts and meant for stardom. Tara Leigh Patrick who was born in April on 20, 1972 in Sharonville, Ohio, US. Electra’s parents Father Harry Electra who was a guitarist-cum entertainer and mother Patricia who was a melodious singer, so there is no point of surprise that the lady is following her parent’s footsteps. 

Electra received her primary education from Ann Weigel Elementary School. She learned dancing from Dance Artists Dance Studio. And later on she decided to pursue music after attending Cincinnati’s school for the Creative and Performing arts. Carmen meant her mother as a role model who is her adviser, supporter and partner in crime as well. Carmen married to NBA star Dennis Rodman and moved on with her second marriage in 2003, and then divorced in 2007. 

Initially, she tried to make career in dance and found work as a dancer at Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio in its ‘Magic show’. Later on she tried to make her stars shine in field of music but in 1993, her album flopped which was named on her own name ‘Carmen Electra’ , marked end of her career in singing. 

Her Fortune changed when she got an opportunity to work as a model and to appear nude on the cover page of ‘Playboy magazine' in 1996 nd she got extreme exposure in that. After that she also replaced Pamela Anderson and played a lead role in popular TV series ‘BAYWATCH’. Carmen got selected to host MTV game show ‘Singled out’ in 1997-98 sessions. She featured beautifully and captured sizzling on magazines cover in Dec 2000, April 2003 and Jan 2009. Tara made cameo appearances in many movies like Sol Goode (2001), Monster Island (2004), Christmas in wonderland (2007). Recently she gave her mindblowing appearance and outstanding performance in Lap Dance (2014). 

Adorable Carmen awarded by MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss in 2011 and Price of Asturias Award for literature in 2011. Her habit is of writing so she wrote a book named as 'How to be sexy' in 2007. In 2002, an extinct species to fly was named as a Carmen Electra in her honor and pride. She also created a history after beginning the Naked Women’s Wrestling League in 2005. 

Carmen is a very inspirit and humanitarian women who used to concern herself in charities such as Holly rod foundation who provides medical, physical and emotional support to those who are suffering from debilitating life and NGO who are supporting brain survivors, this shows that for her ‘Success and money doesn't matters but kindness matters more’.


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