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Camilla Belle English Actress
Camilla Belle Routh, an American actress, was born in L.A, California on October 2, 1986 to Jack Wesley Routh and Christina Gould. The household, in which she was raised in, was a pure catholic one. She went to St. Paul’s Catholic School. She went to an all-girls high school named Mariborough School in L.A. 

Her debut came at the age of nine months in a print ad. She got the lead role in a thriller flick by ABC, Trapped Beneath The Earth, when she was 5 years of age. She received a nomination for the Young Artist Award four times for various performances. These performances included Rip Girls (2000), which was the first time she played a lead role in a movie, Practical Magic (1998), Walker: Texas Ranger which a TV seriesm, where she made a guest appearance and Replacing Dad (1999). She is a pianist and has contributed few pieces in movies like From Prada to Nada (2011) and The Quiet (2005). She acted in both these films. She was also seen in other movies like The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), The Patriot (1998) and Breakaway, which was released in 2010. 

She was listed among the Most Beautiful People in the world by the People Magazine in the year 2011. Brazilian Food is believed to be one of her favorite cuisines. She speaks very fluently in Portuguese and English. She is known for her very well defined and dark eyebrows. She participated in ‘Kids with a Cause’ where she was its international spokesperson. This cause was for the poor and hungry kids. 

She starred in the song ‘Lovebug’ by Joe Jonas Joseph Adam Jonas was born in the United States, o >> Read More... . Joe is a member of a pop-rock band named Jonas Brothers. Joe and Camille started dating after the video. Their relationship lasted for almost a year and they broke up in July 2009.