Constance Collier was a very popular face of English Stage and film actress. She also worked as an acting coach. She was stunning and a gorgeous actress. She had an attractive personality. She was born in Windsor, Berkshire. She was the daughter of Cheetham Agate Hardie and Elize Collier. She married to an Irish actor, Julian L’Estrange in 1905 and they had no children. She did her first debut at the age of 3 in a film A Midsummer’s Night Dream. At the age of 15, she joined Gaiety Girl’s based on the Gaiety Theatre in London. In 1908, she started with Beerbohm Tree at his majesty theatre in J. Comyn’s play the Mystery of Edwin Drood based on Charles Dickens The world-renowned British writer and social criti >> Read More... Charles Dickens novel. Later in the very same year she made the first of several tours of the United States. I

n 1916, she did four silent films with Beerbohm Tree. Constance and his husband work together for many years until the death of his husband in 1918. After that, she never remarried. She appeared in many plays with her close friend named Ivor Novella. The Rat, Novella first play was written in collaboration with Constance in 1924. In 1920s, Collier went to Hollywood where she became a voice coach and teacher in diction. Some of her silent plays and films are The Tongues of Men, Macbeth, and The Impossible Women, The Bohemian Girl, and many others. Her famous sound plays and films are Shadow of Doubt, Girl’s Dormitory, and Thunder in the City, Wee Willie Winkie, Zaza, Susan and God, Kitty the Girl from Manhattan, Whirlpool, and numerous others. She was died in Manhattan on 25 April 1955 at the age of 77.