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Amy Sedaris was born on 29 th of March 1961 in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... , America. She is righteously called by many as the ‘Epitome Of Creativity’, as she has tried various professions throughout her life and continued to seek newer fields of engagement in the media industry. Till date, she has attempted direction, acting, dubbing, writing (plays, shows and books) and also stand-up comedies. Amy supported herself from her teenage by doing several part-time jobs such as working at a supermarket and even as a cocktail waitress at a club in Chicago.

Amy was part of two television comedy troupes- ‘Second City’ and ‘Annoyance Theater’. During her participation in the troupe, which gained a considerable attention from various broadcasting networks, Amy gets the opportunity to appear in a Comedy Central produced series known as- ‘ Exit Exit is a Ullu web series. This series starred Anj >> Read More... 57’, which was aired in 1995. ‘Exit..’ couldn’t give her the success that she had expected, but her performance in her next series (in the same channel) – ‘Strangers With Candy’, was a huge success. The show was aired in 1999. Before her performance in various movies as a supporting cast, she appeared in guest roles in very popular shows such as ‘Monk’, ‘The Middle’, ‘ Sesame Street Sesame Street is a preschool educational TV show t >> Read More... ’ etc. In 2008, 20th Century Fox gave her the huge responsibility of handling her very own television show, which she could create, write and act in.

Other than acting, Amy is also a renowned author, bringing ideas with a touch of humour in her 2010-released-book titled ‘Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People’. Before publishing her book, she had co-authored several books, one of them with her own brother, David Sedaris, who was also a standup comedian. Amy is a monthly content writer since 2005, in the popular magazine- ‘The Believer’. Among her movies, the most popular one is ‘Best and the Brightest’, in which she co-stars with Neil Patrick Harrison.


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