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Wagner Moura is an actor from Brazil. The full name of Wagner Moura is Wagner Maniçoba de Moura. He does acting in Movies, TV serials and also is a stage actor. Wagner is also a lyricist and vocalist.Wagner was born on 27 June, 1976. The birth-place of Wagner is Salvador while he grew up in Bahia in Rodelas. Wagner is the son of Jose Moura and Algeria Moura. Wagner has a younger sister, Liane Moura. Wagner got married to Sandra Delgado in 2001.Sandra Delgado also belongs to the acting industry.She is an actress.

Sandra is also a journalist and a photographer. Wagner with Sandra has three sons named Salvador Moura, Bem Moura and Jose Moura. He has done graduation in Journalism from the Federal University of Bahia. After his graduation, he decided to try his luck in acting. And because of his dedication and hard work, he is a well-established actor in his country, Brazil. Wagner did theater shows in Salvador from 1992 to 1999.

In 2000, he with his two cast friends, Lázaro Ramos and Wladimir Brichta, went to Rio for his show ‘The Machine.’ After the success of ‘The Machine’ and two short films, Wagner debuted with a small role in Sabor da Paixao (Spanish film) in the film industry. In 2003, he began his career in Globo with the series ‘Heavy Load.’Wagner stepped towards Globo because of the contribution of Antonio Fagundes, who invited him to do this series.In 2007, his two films won Best Film Award at Berlin Film Festival. In 2011, Wagner did a film named ‘VIPs.’

In 2013, he debuted in Hollywood in a science fiction movie,‘ Elysium Click to look into! >> Read More... .’Wagner in his career has done near about 27 movies as lead and supporting actor (from 1998 to 2014), 8 TV series (from 2003 to 2016), 8 theatre shows (from 1996 to 2008). The most hit movies of his great career are Elite Squad (2007), Elite Squad 2 (2010), Lower City(2005), God is Brazilian (2003), The Middle Of The World (2003), Nina (2004), The Man From The Future (2011), Trash (2014), VIPs (2010), Father’s Chair (2012). He also participated in novels such as Sexo Fragagil (2003) and Paraiso Tropical (2007).

He has done some international projects also. Wagner can fluently speak English, Portuguese and Spanish language. He learned the Spanish language for his role of Pablo Escobar for the famous web series NARCOS. For Narcos, Wagner was nominated forthe Golden Globes. He is the third actor to get nominated for Golden Globes.


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