Anne Heche is a Hollywood actress, famous for her roles in films like I Know What You Did Last Summer, Six Days and Seven Nights, Volcano, John Q, and Return to Paradise. In recent years, she was seen in Quantico, Men in Trees, Hung, Dig, and Save Me. Anne was nominated Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Gracie’s Choice in 2004 and Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress in Motion Picture for Wag the Dog in 1997. She won Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Daytime Drama, Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series, Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Female Newcomer for Another World.

She has suffered psychological disorder and claims that her father has harassed her sexually during childhood. Anne was born on 25 May 1969 in Aurora, Ohio. She started earning at the age of 12, because of the condition of the family. Anne was the sole person to receive $100 a week and worked in a dinner theater in Swainton. She made her debut into acting by Disney Film Adventures of Huck Finn. Another movie that came after that was Girls in Prison and Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Anne later appeared as Johnny Depp’s wife in Donnie Brasco, and Wild Side was a thriller film in which she played the character of a lesbian lover. Recently, she has appeared in movies like Spread with Ashton Kutcher Ashton Kutcher is a prominent American model turne >> Read More... Ashton Kutcher and Save Me and Dig.

Her film Cedar Rapids was screened at Sundance Festival. Anne has been in the news lately because of her relationship with comedian Ellen De Genres and breakup with her. She started dating the camera person Coleman Laffoon, from Ellen De Genres Tour and married her. Anne and Coley got married on September 2001 and had a son, Homer on March 2, 2002. After five and a half year of marriage, Coley filed a petition in court seeking a divorce from Heche because of her delusional behavior and asked for the custody of the child as Heche is not sound and viable to be the guardian of the child. Anne started courting with her co-star of Men in Trees, James Tupper. She moved in with him and has given birth to her second and Tupper’s first child on March 7, 2009.

Anna Mouglalis English Actress

Anna Mouglalis

Born in France to a Greek father and a mother of French origin, Anna Mouglalis is an established French actress. She was born on 26th April, 1978. Her father was a doctor by profession and mother, a masseuse. When she was a kid, the family moved in Var Departement and remained there until the end of her youth. She then returned back to Nantes, her birthplace, along with family. Till the year 2001, she studied at CNSAD which is the National Drama School located in France. ‘Daniel Mesguich’ taught her. Though she is a native of France she knows to speak and write English, Spanish, Italian and a little bit of Greek. Her acting career began in the year 1997. She starred in the drama La Nuit due Titanic which took place in Paris. Due to her talent, she was selected for the movie Terminal by the director ‘Francis Girod’. Terminal was a great success. Three years later came the film “Merci Pour le Chocolat” (French thriller movie). In all of these, she played the same kind of roles. In 2002, she was offered a thriller film. The movie was “Sotto falso Nome” (a mysterious film). This depicted her versatility. Just not these, she also starred in a black and white film La Maladie de La Mort. It was the directorial debut of ‘Asa Mader’. The film was premiered at The Film Festival which took place in Venice. She gained immense popularity through this picture. In that very year, she accepted the offer of a Greek movie as well. The film was Real Life, whose director was Panos Koutras. As she knew Italian as well, she acted in Italian films: Romanzo criminale directed by ‘Michele Placido’ and the other one is Mare Buio in which she came with ‘Luigi Lo Cascio’. She was not just an actress but a model as well. She began her modeling career in the year 2002, and was chosen for the advertisement campaign for a brand of perfume “Amateur Allure” by Karl Lagerfield. She did modeling for various brands of jewellery, handbags, perfumes, watches, etc. She came in a television movie Les Amants du Flore in which she played the role Simone de Beauvoir co-starring ‘Lorant Deutsch’. This pair is critically acclaimed and are regarded as one of the most romantic pairs on-screen. ‘Ilan Duran Cohen’ is the director of the movie. In 2009, she did a lead role in the film “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky" which was directed by the famous ‘Jan Kounen’. She was cast as Coco Channel in it. The movie was so beautifully picturized that it was selected to terminate the Cannes Film Festival in the year 2009. She married ‘Samuel Benchetrit’ and in 2007, and had a baby girl, Saul.


Aqueela Zoll

Aqueela Zoll is an American actor. She became popular through films like Killjoy Goes to Hell, and Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Coming to her career, she started her debut by a TV show titled as The College Humor Show. It was telecasted on MuchMusic and is an American sitcom, which had its premiere on 8th of February, 2009, on MTV. Ricky Van Veen, Sam Reich, and Scott Tomlinson created it. She had her appearance on the episodes of Hot Girl, and portrayed the role of Kate. It had its six episodes and depicted sketched comedy elements. Amir Blumenfeld, Patrick Cassels, Dan Gurewitch, Jake Hurwitz, Sarah Schneider, Sam Reich, Ricky Van Veen, Jeff Rubin, and Streeter Seidell starred in it. In 2011, she presented herself as Beth in the picture entitled as Tomorrow's End. Hunter G. Williams, Scott Michael Campbell, and Ryan O' Corrigan directed it. The story was scripted by Scott Michael Campbell, Hunter G. Williams, Jeff Stearns, and Ryan O' Corrigan. Other producers were Justin Chien, Heather Christensen, Chris Hayes, Casey McCoy, Jeff Stearns, Garrett Williams, and Hunter G. Williams. In 2012, she did the ingénue of Jezabeth in Killjoy Goes to Hell. John Lechago wrote and directed it. It is the fourth part in this series of photoplays made by Full Moon. Charles Bond produced it and released in the United States on sixth of October, in 2012. Aqueela had a role of the devil in this film. Her next work was in a short film, in 2012, and it was titled as the Call to Action. The story depicted how a rigid group of singers and musicians had created an organization named Headcount. It had a goal to spread live music worldwide to excite young voters. Trey Anastasio, Bob Weir, Dave Matthew, and Bela Fleck were featured in it, along with other musicians. She played the character of Dinopus in it. In 2013, she did ‘Ctadc’, as Aqueela. Hunter G. Williams directed it. The story was written by Jeff Stearns, Chris Hayes, and Hunter G. Williams. Jason Solowsky composed the music. In 2014, she had the role of Toni in a direct-to-video called Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. It is the sixth part of the Wrong Turn Film Series and directed by Valeri Milev. In 2015, she had her appearance as Cameron in Flight World War II. The Asylum released it on 2nd of June, in 2015. In 2014, she did various TV series like the one in 2014 called Chosen and Bad Timing.

Aqueela Zoll English Actress