Sean Penn English Actor
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One of the talented, award winning and intelligent powerhouse actors of all time. He was considered to be one of the highest paid actor and also a government official. Named as Sean Justin Penn and born on August 17, 1960 in California, USA. First starred in the movie “Taps” as Cadet Captain Alex Dwyer a story of military cadets that battles and ensured the future of their academy against construction developers. He also starred in the movie “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” as Jeff Spicolli, as Michel for the movie “bad Boys” in 1983, a story of a young man that accidentally killed a guy and sent to rehabilitation center. He continuously landed major roles until 1986 he played the character Glendon for the movie “Shanghai Surprise” a story of a man that will try to defy fortune in China and meets a nurse that will try to look for curing powers of opium to cure patients, starring Madonna. He also made a great charm in playing Officer Danny for the movie “ Colors Click to look into! >> Read More... Colors ”, as Guenther X in “Judgment in Berlin”, as Sgt. Tony Meserve for the movie “Casualties of War”, as Jim for the movie “We’re No Angels”, and as Terry Noonam for the movie “State of Grace.”

In the beginning of the decade, he starred as David for the movie “Carlito’s Way”, a story of a renewed former drug user and convict that will be tested by the pressure around him gets a better life in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . He made a great rendition for his character as a convicted killer that will be nurtured by a nun before his death row in the movie “Dead Man Walking”, he won Best Actor from Cannes for the movie “She’s So Lovely” as Eddie Quinn, as Eddie for the movie “Hurlyburly”, as Emmet for the movie Sweet Lowdown” a story of a guitarist that always faces brawls and falls in love with a mute. He made also various films including “The Pledge”, he was also nominated and well received for the movie “I Am Sam”, as Jimmy for the numerous award winning movie “Mystic River” a story of three friends with bad pasts and reunites to help one of their friend from a problem. He did it again receivingmultiple nominations and awards for the movie “21 Grams” as Paul Rivers”, also as Samuel J. Bicke for the movie of “The Assassination of Richard Nixon”, as Tobin Keller for the movie “The Interpreter” and writer plus director for the movie “Into the Wild” in 2007.

He also starred in the critically acclaimed movie “Milk” as Harvey Milk, as story of gay activist who fought for the rights of gay and became the first outspoken gay elected official. He also starred in the movie “Fair Game”, as Adult Jack for the movie “The Tree of Life”, as Cheyenne for the movie “This Must be the Place”, as Mickey Cohen for the 2013 movie “ Gangster Squad Click to look into! >> Read More... Gangster Squad ”, starred in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” a story of a man that will do anything not to be threatened on their work and will make a big difference and will have surprises as he embarked in a journey, and also as Jim Terrier for the movie “ The Gunman Click to look into! >> Read More... The Gunman .”