An American Actor, James Babson is famous for his roles in movies. He is known for his phenomenal works in a movie like Ghost Team One Click to look into! >> Read More... Ghost Team One and the Words. He is also famous for his plays which he had done in his drama school. James always dreamt of being an actor and went after his dream. James Babson was born in the year 1974 in America. He has just finished his recent movie named Last Knights Click to look into! >> Read More... Last Knights . James attended the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama and done many plays in the drama school, and he has been known for his stage shows in which he performed.

James Babson also acted in Indian films, and he is known the worldwide. He has great energy and confidence, and he loves his works. Vishwaroopam, a Tamil film in which James had done a great work and James were liked by all Indians. James mostly gets involves in movies that relate to history. He also won many awards for his work. James Babson loves playing horror, adventure, and thriller films. He loves experimenting with films and tries new genres. James has worked hard for his latest film Last Knights.

There is extreme fighting in the film, and James had given his full in the movie. James Babson has confidence in himself, and he works to satisfy himself!