Philip Baker Hall English Actor
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    - Movie-Actor

One of the most brilliant actors and a true modern classic portrayal in every way. Born as Philip Baker Hall on September 10, 1931 in Ohio, United States. He first appeared as Father Reis for the movie “Cowards” a story of a man that will decide about his life in choosing go to another place or fight for his country at war. He made another film called “Love in 1972”, as Ryan for the movie “Throw Out the Anchor”, as Mike Sills for the movie “Throw Out the Anchor!” a story of soldiers that killed the Japanese General in the Philippines but also rape and murder a man’s wife. He also starred as Dr. Inman for the movie “The Man with Bogart’s Face”, as Richard Nixon for his critically acclaimed movie “Secret Honor” a fictionalized character that shows introverted and flash backs of important days in his life and the reasons for Watergate scandal.

He also appeared in the movie “Nothing in Common”, as Detective Mulvahill in “Three O’Clock”, as Sidney for “Midnight Run”, as IRS Boss for “Say Anything…”, as Dean Patterson for the movie “How I Got Into College”, and as the Police Commissioner for the movie “Ghostbusters II.” He also played the role Judge Kenneth for the movie “An Innocent Man”, as Senator Thyme for the 1992 movie “Live Wire”, as Junior Brown for “Kiss of Death”, and Sydney Hughes for the movie “Eye for an Eye.” He also casted in the movie “The Rock” as the Chief Justice that will help bring out a spy from solitary imprisonment to bring down a rogue general and his rebellious men in Alcatraz. He appeared as the Attorney General Andrew Ward for the movie “Air Force One”, at the heights of the movie, as the President try to gain back control in the plane and struggling, the Secretary of Defense and the Attorney General talks about what will be the procedure to maintain a good working government.

He was nominated for SAG in his character as Floyd Gondoli for the movie “Boogie Nights”, as Mr. Bell in the movie “Sour Grapes”, as Pobby Malavero for “Judas Kiss”, as Captain William Diel in the comedy action movie “Rush Hour Series” starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker His full name is Christopher Tucker. He is an Amer >> Read More... Chris Tucker , a story of cops that at first will have difficulties dealing one another but in the end they end up perfect chemistry in rescuing the daughter of Ambassador. He also appeared as Attorney Mark Silverberg in the movie “Enemy of the State” with will Smith, as Sheriff Chambers for the movie “ Psycho Click to look into! >> Read More... Psycho ”, as So Hirsch for “Let the Devil Wear Black”, as John Sawyer for the movie “Implicated”, as Gray Mathers for the movie “Cradle Will Rock”, and as Don Hewitt for “The Insider.” He also portrayed the character Jimmy Gator for the movie “Magnolia”, a story of love, forgiveness and meaning in San Fernando Valley, also nominated for SAG Outstanding Performance by a Cast.

He landed a major role for the movie “Rules of Engagement” as General Hodges, as Defense Secretary Becker for the movie “The Sum of All Fears”, a story of Jack Ryan that must prevent and stop the plans of terrorist that will make America and Russia to clash. He also joined the ranks of casts for the movie “Dogville”, as Jack Bayor for the movie “Bruce Almighty”, the executive boss of Bruce in a story of a refined newscaster that always complains about his life and mocks God that He bestowed all the bad things to Bruce. He also starred as Harry Mayfield for the movie “A House on a Hill”, as Eugene Kalb for the movie “In Good Company”, as Father Callaway for the horror movie “The Amityville Horror” a story of couple that moved in a house that is haunted by the spirits of demons. He also appeared as Sherwood Morrill for the movie “ Zodiac Click to look into! >> Read More... Zodiac ”, as Captain Smith for “The Lodger”, and as Coach Byrnes for the movie “Fired Up.”

He completes his a list movies including “ All Good Things Click to look into! >> Read More... All Good Things ”, as Judge Julius for the movie “The Chicago 8”, as Alan in the movie “50/50”, as Herd Gold in the movie adaptation “Bending the Rules”, as Ike Rafferty for “ People Like Us Click to look into! >> Read More... People Like Us ”, as the CIA Director Stansfield Turner for the critically acclaimed movie “ Argo Click to look into! >> Read More... Argo ”, a CIA agent will initiate his plans to rescue six Americans by covering everything with a science fiction film in Tehran, Iran. He also starred as Dr. William Bowman in “ Bad Words Click to look into! >> Read More... Bad Words ”, as McKenzie for the movie “Clear History”, and also casted for the movie “Playing it Cool.