Ronald N. Perlman, better known as Ron Perlman, was born April 13th, 1950 in New York City. His father was a repairman and his mother was a municipal employee. Ron will later credit his skill at playing “deformed and ugly” characters to this. After seeing his son act in a production of Guys and Dolls, Ron’s father gave his son his blessing to pursue a career in acting. As a result Ron graduated in 1973 from the University of Minnesota with a Master’s degree in theater arts in 1973. After starring in a couple minor roles in some Jean-Jacques Annaud films his big break came when he was cast as Vincent in Beauty and the Beast. Ron played the beast in this modernized version of the classic movie and won a Golden Globe as a result. Ron Perlman went on to star in a plethora of different movies from all sorts of genres, everything from Blade 2 and Star Trek to The Adventures of Huck Finn. His first lead role came when he was cast as “ One” in The City of Lost Children. This led him into the two roles he is perhaps best known for, the first being Hellboy in the Hellboy series and Clay Morrow in the widely successful TV Show Sons of Anarchy. Ron has done extensive voicing work as well including Slade in the original Teen Titans cartoon and Sozin in Avatar. Cartoons aren’t his only forte as he also has completed voices for several notable video games such as Halo and Fallout. Ron was married to Opal Stone in 1981. He has two children with Opal, Blake Amanda and Brandon Avery. Ron has been actively involved with charitable organizations such as the Make-a-Wish foundation and the Young Storyteller’s program.

Cillian Murphy English Actor

Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy was born May 25th 1976 in Douglas County, Ireland.  Murphy started singing and playing music at an early age due to its tradition in his family.  Cillian was in trouble in school quite often until he found acting and the arts as an outlet.  His teachers all encouraged him to pursue his passion.  In 1996, Cillian made his debut acting debut as an unhinged teenager in Disco Pigs.  After this movie caught fire, Murphy left his university as well as his music and never looked back.  In the beginning, Cillian Murphy starred mainly in plays.  These included Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing as well as Chekhov’s The Seagull.  Cillian’s entrance in to mainstream fame was his starring in the post-apocalyptic horror film 28 Days Later.  He played the lead character who is shocked to find himself in a desolate, barren world after waking up from a coma.  Murphy also starred in the highly successful Irish film, Intermission with Colin Farrell.  However, in 2005 is when Cillian finally hit the big time.  He starred as Johnathan Crane aka Scarecrow in Christopher Nolan’s Batman franchise.  Later in the same year Cillian starred in the crime thriller Red Eye which also gained him serious praise.  Another movie that gained him serious attention was Breakfast on Pluto where Murphy plays an exploring transgender who is just trying to find his way in the world.  Cillian Murphy is currently the lead role in the Netflix and BBC serial Peaky Blinders about a rough 1910’s street gang.  Cillian married singing artist Yvonne McGuinness in 2004.  He has two sons, Malachy and Aran both who live with the pair in West London.  Murphy prefers the quiet subtle life to the usual boisterous lives of actors his age.  He has no entourage, no publicist and he prefers not to talk of his personal life.  It was quite a while before he would even appear on a talk show or do an interview.  Murphy says he does not want a life that interests the media.  The actor has also stated that he views fellow Irish actor Liam Neeson as a sort of father.  Cillian is agnostic as well as a vegetarian due to his strong political views.