Paul Newman, a man full of qualities was an American actor, Film director, Entrepreneur, Professional Racing driver and Team Owner, Environmentalist activist and a Philanthropist. He was a great soul by heart and hardly had anything left to do. He suffered from colorblindness but he turned down this personality disorder and won many championships as a sports driver in Sports Car Club of America and road racing. He owned many race teams which won many championships.

He was the founder member of a food company “Newman’s Own” and all the post-tax profit was given by him in charity. These donations totalled $429.3 million. He even founded the “Serious Fun Children’s Network, which served ill children and has served a large no of children so far. He was also the founder of Safe Water Network that produced water solutions for those in need.

In the zone of writing, he wrote a memoir about the subject with Hotchner Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good. When it came to philanthropy, Newman was the God. His Hole in the Wall Gang Camp is the residential camp for seriously ill children. In 1999,he gave $250000 in charity to Catholic Relief Services in Kosovo.

This man has stepped in every field, be it politics or acting and flourished with flying colours. He initially was married to “Jackie Witte” but it didn’t turn out to be a lifelong affair. Later he married “Joanne Woodward” but few years later she died. He was a lifelong democrat. He opposed Vietnam War and supported Eugene McCarthy. He also served the military during World War 2.

Although born in a Jewish family, he followed no religion as an adult. He had an interest in theatre from a very young age. He has been awarded many honourable awards be it, BAFTA, Screen Actor Film Actors, Cannes Film Festival Award and much more.

He witnessed many successful years but his success stepped down with him on 26 September 2008 following health issues as he was diagnosed with lung cancer and his remains are cremated after a private funeral service near his home in Westport. He was a man who always believed in giving and donated in his entire life span. He can be quoted asA generous heart, an actor of a dignity and style rare in Hollywood quarters.