Born on 2nd March 1971, Marko Caka is a native from Shkoder. Also known as Marko Tsaka, Marko is from Greece and was raised there only. He stayed there for complete 19 years before he was placed as a Media Television Person and Newspaper in New York (USA). Marko made his mark in this field as he was the one of the biggest Greek media’s collaborators. He completed his studies from Athens University in Philosophy and Journalism. He covered a lot of events and festivals in Europe, where he interviewed many renowned artists, various sports stars and famous political leaders. Later he took the help of the people he interviewed as Marko felt that the help or support of these Hollywood actors could help him. In cinematography, Marko has surprised and gained the trust of many big Hollywood producers like Steven Spielberg, who is an American director, producer and screenwriter. Martin Scorsese, who is also an actor, and film historian and Timothy Van Patten by marking his presence in many Hollywood movies and TV series. Marko , who is the first actor from Abanian, who migrated as an actor from being a journalist, he has been a part of various Hollywood movies, Television series, daily soaps.

He has played with the big stars like Tom Hanks (who is an American actor and filmmaker), "Bridge of Spies", James Belushi (American actor, comedian and musician) known for his famous " Show Me a Hero" and Ben Affleck who played the role of a reporter in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" , Steve Buscemi’s famous "Boardwalk Empire", as Slick gangster character, 1930s, " Money Monster", Marco NYSE Security, Megan Fox in Jonathan Liebesman work " Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" in which he played the character of Grand Central Commuter. During this particular period, he worked hard and took intensive English language classes, Acting classes and Bartender training classes to get more roles in Hollywood movies, various television shows-series, Independent and short films, being especially as a character of a gangster, reporter and waiter/bartender. Not only had this he once portrayed Grand Central Commuter in the comic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Half Shell. He is one the few great actors who have appeared in both the Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment.

Martavious Gayles English Actor

Martavious Gayles

Martavious Gayles is an American actor known for his roles in several Hollywood movies. He made his debut in the TV series Eve in 2004, where he played the role of Usher. He did many small gigs in various TV serials and movies during his starting period. He is from Atlanta, USA and has lived there since childhood. He started his career with many TV serials. He is a very talented actor and always believes in hard-work. His debut was in 2004, but after that, he appeared in various small un-credited roles. He made his second big appearance in 2010 with Pair of Kings as the Palace Guard. He still was searching for a bigger and better role. He appeared in Detective Story TV series and also in Detective Story Movie Premier in 2012. He has been very passionate about acting throughout his life and has dedicated his entire time towards improving in acting. He later appeared in short movies like If I Could Tell You and Collage in 2015. He also featured in a pandemic as Martavious Gayles. His role was appreciated a lot and gave him huge exposure. He also appeared in Silent Cry Aloud as the Detective, which was also loved by the audiences. His latest and one of the biggest works of his career came with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, where he played the role of Police Officer. He became famous overnight and received much more offers for work in different projects. He has already lined to be featuring in the great upcoming movies like Zulu Six, Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman and much more. He is a rare actor and has worked in both Marvel films and DC Extended Universe. His will appear in Captain America: Civil War as an MIT Grad Student and as a Civil Servant in Wonder Woman. He is also appearing in the much-awaited film Doctor Strange featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. He is just started to expand his work experience with all these movies. He is very well known for his name as Barber Martavious and also Martavious Gayles. He has amazed many with his acting ability. He is a great actor and will continue to amaze everyone with his tremendous acting skills in the future.


David Midura

David Midura is an American actor. He is known for his small stints in some new movies. He was born in Midwest, Michigan and was raised after that. He attended the Chelsea High School in Chelsea, Michigan and got his Bachelorette degree in Fine Arts Theatre Program from Michigan State University. He was interested in acting and stage performance from his childhood and tried his best in working along. He worked in many college plays and participated in various competitions during his college time. He joined The Purple Rose Theatre Company, which was his first acting class in his hometown. He was studying in East Lansing and had many opportunities to work in plays and improve his acting. He also appeared on stage in John Steinbeck’s classic “The Grapes of Wrath”. He enjoyed this feature while he was studying in East Lansing. He also attended the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival at the University of Illinois in Champaign. He joined the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He was always hard-working and enjoyed his work. He later started working in Chicago and also tried to pursue his career in acting. He did various small gigs but did bag a role in Chicago Fire TV serial. The 2015 TV series earned very good reviews from the critics and is loved by many. He was the Tank top in it and was a popular character in the TV serial. He also did theatre in Lab Series, where he played as Ensemble. His work also got him a big role later in the Hollywood blockbuster Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice. He played the role of Hero’s Park Tourist; the role was not a big one, but it was something he loved doing. He found himself very lucky to be a part of such a film and enjoyed working with some of the finest in the industry. His latest role gave him the confidence to go even further and get some great work to do in future. He is a fine actor and would like to express even more in his upcoming work.

David Midura English Actor