Freddie Highmore, full name Alfred Thomas Highmore was born on February 14, 1992, in Camden Town, London, England. Highmore was educated at a primary school in Hampstead Garden Suburb in Hampstead  in North London, followed by Emmanuel College at the University of Cambridge. His father, Edward Highmore is an actor, and his mother is one of the country’s top talent agents. Therefore it was not surprising that he entered show business.

He began his acting career at the age of 7 and gave his first audition “Back Stage”, started off doing small parts on TV, and then the movies came along. The twelve-year-old Highmore was nominated for Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and several others. Highmore’s first film role was in the British comedy Women Talking Dirty (1999), in which he played the son of an outspoken single mother. He then took part in several television productions.

His first real break came in 2004 when he was cast in the family drama Two Brothers, the story of two tiger cubs separated at birth. It was the first time the audience could see the fledging actor at work. In fact Bertie(his brother) and Highmore made a debut together in Women Talking Dirty but from then on it was Highmore all the way. Highmore’s dream for future is a little less clear. He is vague about whether or not he wants to act as an adult. Highmore sometimes appears mature beyond his age, but also displays enthusiasm of a twelve-year-old.

Freddie Highmore is currently single. He previously dated Sarah Bolger from 2006 to 2009. He is also rumoured to have hooked up with Dakota Fanning The gorgeous 5 feet 4 inches 21 years old Hannah D >> Read More... Dakota Fanning in 2009.

Highmore never sulked or threw his toys out of the pram, and he has worked steadily through puberty and adolescence. Highmore seems so unfazed by celebrity and the whole business of movie-making; it might have something to do with his heritage.

Frankie Muniz English Actor

Frankie Muniz

An artist who has never feared from following his heart, Francisco “Frankie” Muniz IV is an American actor, writer, director, musician, and racer. He was born on December 5, 1985, in Wood-Ridge, New Jersey to Francisco Muniz III and Denise Muniz. Frankie’s talent was first noticed in 1993 in North Carolina at a talent show, shortly after his family moved there, and was offered a part in A Christmas Carol. Soon after his parents’ divorce, he moved to Burbank, California with his mother. He then made his film debut in 1997 with To Dance with Olivia, a made-for-television movie. The same year he was seen on What The Deaf Man Heard, presented by CBS Hallmark Hall Of Fame. But it was his small role in Lost & Found (1999) that got him his big break. It was through the Fox premiered Malcolm in the Middle, mid-season replacement that Muniz first shot to fame on television. He was nominated for Emmy Awards and won the Hollywood Reporter “Young Star Award” for the same. While he kept making guest appearances on various television shows such as Lizzie McGuire, The Teenage Witch, and Sabrina, his first feature film was My Dog Skip in 2000. Meanwhile, he contributed character voice for 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue, Dr. Dolittle and Stripes (2005). In 2002, he had his first hit through Big Fat Liar. In 2003, he did a cameo Stuck On You and appeared on Ashton Kutcher’s show Punk’d. The same year, his fans saw him play an undercover agent in Agent Cody Banks, for which he trained in Martial Arts and did a majority of his action scenes on his own. The next year a sequel, Agent Cody Banks 2 saw him in action too. In 2006, he announced that he would be taking a break from acting to pursue his other interests and hobbies. While Muniz signed a two-year contract with Jensen Motorsports in Formula BMW racing, he also appeared in a horror movie Stay Alive and wound up Malcolm in the Middle. Despite his announcement to take a break, he signed an R-rated comedy Extreme Movie the same year. He made an appearance on the show Criminal Minds and movie Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story in 2007. Muniz wrote the screenplay for the show Granted in 2004, which till date remains the only screenplay by him. He did become the executive producer for Choose Your Adventure: The Abominable Snowman (2006) and an associate producer for Choose Connor (2007). Frankie’s racing career can be traced from 2007 to 2009, when he worked with Jensen Motorsport, Pacific Coast Motorsports and Team Stargate Worlds. In 2005, he won the title for Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race as a celebrity winner. In 2011, he returned to the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race and finished 4th. He also had a short-lived music career as a drummer in Kingsfoil. He joined the band in 2012 but had to quit in 2014 due to problems with schedules. It was in 2011 that Muniz announced his engagement after a 4-year long relationship with Elycia Marie. They live in Scottsdale, Arizona and are supporters of Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Clippers. In November 2012 and a year later in 2013, Muniz suffered strokes and had to be hospitalized. Let us hope that the now 30-year-old, multi-talented star makes an entry on the screen soon.


Freddy Rodriguez

Freddy Rodriguez is an American actor born in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised in Roman Catholic. In his tender early age of 13, when he was in 8th grade at Pulaski International School in Chicago, he discovered a theater program for city youth from which his school got a scholarship. He has graduated from drama program from Lincoln Park High School in Chicago. He started his career with some recognizable roles in films like A Walk in the Clouds, which came in 1995 and he played the role of Pedro Aragon in it and another one in the same year Dead Presidents in which he played the role of a Vietnam Veteran. Later, he went out with some of the remarkable performances such as an obnoxious Jock in Can’t Hardly Wait, Ninja in The Pest, and Carla’s brother Marco in television show Scrubs. He also contributed his voice for the role of Más y Menos in Teen Titans. Rodriguez is famous for portraying the role of Federico Diaz in the HBO hit series Six Feet Under throughout his five seasons. T his role bagged him with great achievements such as an Emmy nomination for category Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, two Screen Actors Guild Awards for category Best Ensemble in Drama Series, and also three SAG nominations in the same category. In his career, he has delivered great performances in films and worked with popular co-actors. He has made appearance in the music video for the Santana song “Into the Night” and song “Glamorous”. He has played the role of Reggie in M. Night Shyamalan’s film Lady in the Winter alongside Eva Longoria. His first major leading role in a theatrical release was alongside Christian Bale in Davis Ayer’s film Harsh Times. He has also given the voice of Angelo Lopez in popular video game Saints Row and Merry Mixit Gap Christmas Commercial videos. Rodriguez came into the cast of famous ABC Comedy series Ugly Betty in 2007 to play the role of Giovanni Rossi, who is a sandwich shop owner and becomes the love interest of the series lead Betty Suarez. He has played the character of Rick Martinez, a Central Intelligence Agency special operative in CBS show CHAOS.

Freddy Rodriguez English Actor