Kenny Bates is a renowned assistant director, producer, and Stunt master. He started his career in the year 1973 as a stunt Master for the TV series CHIPS. Kenny also worked in several other TV series as an assistant master which includes That's incredible, That'll be karma, The fall guy, Just Dial Ok, Go for it, Karma Sidekicks, The money pit, Sweet Liberty, Rambo III and Die Hard. He almost did 30 years of direction which includes 171 shows as his stunt choreography.

In 2007, he worked as a stunt coordinator for the movie 2.0. He restarted his career as a producer or assistant producer in the year 1994 for the play Clash of 1999II: The substitute. Clash of 1999II: The substitute in a horror as well as science fiction action movie which is about a gang role of the hallway; and Higher Education of mere memory received a moderate speed up from the audience. In 1996, he worked as an assistant producer for the movie The Rock which is an adventure as well as thriller action movie and is a story of a military man.

In 1997 he worked for Con Air as an assistant producer. He also worked for Pearl Harbor in 2001, Bad the Island in 2005, Summer Transformers in 2007, and a TV series called Missing in 2012. He strived hard for twelve plays as an attendant Producer. He worked as an actor for seven movies which includes Star flight: the plane that wouldn't land which is a television based movie made in 1983. He played the role of Carl for that movie. The entire story is a fictional story of a commercial plane passenger.

In 1986, he worked for the movie death flash. Death Flash is an action crime review which is about an accidental murder incident. In 1987 he worked for the movie ‘night courses the night forces’ and action drama which is a ‘Boat at the Bastard friend’. He also worked for some other movies like Physical evidence and ‘up your Alley’ in 1989 and ‘transformers’ in the year 2007. He committed for special effects such as spitfire in 1995. He creates his own video documentary short film. He has done ten video documentary short films from the year 1989 to 2016. He received the award from Academy Awards USA for his scientific and engineering effect for his work in shows, in the year 1993. He also won World Stunt awards by Taurus awards in the year 2002 for the best stunt director and coordinator director for the movie Pearl Harbor released in 2001.