Kenny Bates is a renowned assistant director, producer, and Stunt master. He started his career in the year 1973 as a stunt Master for the TV series CHIPS. Kenny also worked in several other TV series as an assistant master which includes That's incredible, That'll be karma, The fall guy, Just Dial Ok, Go for it, Karma Sidekicks, The money pit, Sweet Liberty, Rambo III and Die Hard. He almost did 30 years of direction which includes 171 shows as his stunt choreography.

In 2007, he worked as a stunt coordinator for the movie 2.0. He restarted his career as a producer or assistant producer in the year 1994 for the play Clash of 1999II: The substitute. Clash of 1999II: The substitute in a horror as well as science fiction action movie which is about a gang role of the hallway; and Higher Education of mere memory received a moderate speed up from the audience. In 1996, he worked as an assistant producer for the movie The Rock which is an adventure as well as thriller action movie and is a story of a military man.

In 1997 he worked for Con Air as an assistant producer. He also worked for Pearl Harbor in 2001, Bad the Island in 2005, Summer Transformers in 2007, and a TV series called Missing in 2012. He strived hard for twelve plays as an attendant Producer. He worked as an actor for seven movies which includes Star flight: the plane that wouldn't land which is a television based movie made in 1983. He played the role of Carl for that movie. The entire story is a fictional story of a commercial plane passenger.

In 1986, he worked for the movie death flash. Death Flash is an action crime review which is about an accidental murder incident. In 1987 he worked for the movie ‘night courses the night forces’ and action drama which is a ‘Boat at the Bastard friend’. He also worked for some other movies like Physical evidence and ‘up your Alley’ in 1989 and ‘transformers’ in the year 2007. He committed for special effects such as spitfire in 1995. He creates his own video documentary short film. He has done ten video documentary short films from the year 1989 to 2016. He received the award from Academy Awards USA for his scientific and engineering effect for his work in shows, in the year 1993. He also won World Stunt awards by Taurus awards in the year 2002 for the best stunt director and coordinator director for the movie Pearl Harbor released in 2001.

Ken Bevel English Actor

Ken Bevel

Ken Bevel is a part-time actor and a pastor in the Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. He has been serving there since the year 2007. As an actor, Bevel has starred in two Christian-themed movies: Fireproof and Courageous. Before becoming a pastor and an actor, he served in the United States Marine Corps. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Ken Bevel had a tough upbringing. His father, who was a worker in a steel plant, developed an addicted to drugs and alcohol as Ken started growing older. His mother was a devoted Christian, who would regularly visit the church with her son but couldn’t control her husband’s issues. The fact that his father was an addict led Ken to gravitate towards a life of addiction, and he ended up being around people who could have indirectly landed him in jail. Seeing the direction he was heading in, one of his uncles suggested that he sign up for the Marine Corps. When he first joined the Marines, the disciplined lifestyle helped him greatly. However, he ended up indulging in drug use when he was off duty and away from that style of living. This almost led to him being dismissed. It was only when faced with the threat of a court martial that he found religion and turned his life around. He is extremely well educated and held a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Memphis as well as an MBA degree in Logistics Managing from the Naval Postgraduate School. His stint in the Marine Corps wasn’t a short one; in fact, it lasted all of twenty years. During this period, he was sent for duty to both Afghanistan and Iraq. Following his retirement from the Marine Corps, he chose to become a minister in the Sherwood Baptist Church. It was when he joined the Church that he first got exposure to acting. In 2008, he worked in the Christian film Fireproof as a firefighter by the name of Michael Simmons. In 2011, he starred in another Christian film titled Courageous, playing Nathan Hayes, a police officer. Both films weren’t received very well by critics, although Courageous received appreciation by moviegoers. However, both did very well in box office collections. Fireproof grossed around $33 million and was the best earning independent film of 2008. Courageous was made on a budget of $2 million but ended up raking in nearly $36 million.


Kersi Khambatta

Kersi Khambatta is an Indian producer and director and script writer. Kersi is best known for his collaboration with director Homi Adajania for movies like Being Cyrus and Finding Fanny. Khambatta always wanted a career in writing. He was not so good as a student, but he believed in his dreams. However, the necessity of having to earn at a young age, he had to take a trans-steamer in Hong Kong at the age 19, right after finishing his HSC exams. His first book, the Village of Pointless Conversations, was out in early 2016. The novel is an extension of the script that enhanced Finding Fanny. Homi always desired to tell a story of the twist of a postman getting a letter. At that point, he was working on a lightly autobiographical book, which he abandoned because it was more of a challenge for him. He always wished of the writing about how mad a character can go, how twist and turns can be a person witness in a day. He again started working on the novel, and it took him nine months to draft and three years to decrease that verbal discharge so that it can be clearly understood and read by the audience. Adajania and Khambatta first met on a diving tour at Lakshadweep in 1997. Finding a related sensibility, they colluded on Being Cyrus, based on a small story penned by Khambatta. Together, they brought a unique keenness to Hindi movies, which the fraternity now relates to making a place for opposing but strong viewpoints. Both now consider the industry their primary profession - Khambatta has shifted to Bandra in Mumbai to be closer to his assignments. His next writing is being presented by Balaji, doing it as commercial as it comes. After the Merchant Navy, he killed seven years watching after private ships. He began learning karate below Pervez Mistry. On the side, he would pen anything he could — travel and adventure stories, celebrity interviews, and foreign assignments. The small story of Being Cyrus was lying on his computer until Homi saw it in 2003. There was no original intention of going into scripting for movies by him. It happened all of a sudden. Their partnership went well, and the two proceeded on to work on the movie Finding Fanny and the controversial one-and-half minute short movie on women empowerment created for Vogue magazine. Besides diving and storytelling, the two are also connected by the love to shock people. They like to try with pushing the box a little bit, seeing how enough we can get away with. The whole proposition of Being Cyrus — hitting old people is not an experimented subject or theme in most films. He actively disassociates himself from the Brand Bawa. He explains that he is not a spokesperson of the Parsis. With Being Cyrus, he buried the machetes about the community and took it out. While growing up, he was an Amitabh Bachchan follower and now follows a curated choice of Hindi movies like Piku, Titli, and Queen. With his book The Village of Pointless Conversations, he was back into writing. The book is set in a small village of Goa and based on the story of an old postman Ferdie who goes on a road trip with his other friends to find his love interest Fanny whom he could not confess his love during their young times.

Kersi Khambatta English Actor