Britton Sear is an American actor and a drama artist. Britton made his appearance on the big screen at a very young age. He is famous for his big, fat, lousy appearance on the screen.

Britton made his debut on the screen with the Change Machine in 2011.

The Change machine was a short adventure drama where Thomas finds that reality is not what he thinks of. Britton played the role of Alan in the short 12-minute drama. Britton made his next appearance in 2012 with the TV series Revolution.

Recently Britton worked in movie Unfinished Business Click to look into! >> Read More... Unfinished Business in 2015 where he played the role of Paul, who is bullied by his classmates and schoolmates. Britton was widely acclaimed for his role in the movie. People will hope to see Britton on the big screen frequently in the coming days.