John Victor Shea was born in 1949 in North Conway, New Hampshire. John is an American actor and director before that he made his appearance on stage, TV. Brought up in Massachusetts, and holds his BA from Bates College, which he achieved onto contemplate and scholarships for football. Later he attended Yale University and gained a degree in directing at its school. His debut film at the age of 26th in Calvin’s production for which he got the Theatre World Award and this award was considered as special one Marley known to TV audiences for his repeated role as the evil-green. LEX LUTHOR in the early '90s TV serials Lois & Clark: Adventures of Superman’s.

He was a screenwriter and audio book performer in addition to all his other natural aptitude. After being watching his performance, Lee has invited Shea to join in the Studio where he spent several years in observing Method in acting only by influencing some techniques. He co-hosted one show, with Kathryn, the largest political rally in the past classical events of the USA. This rally has the aspects of the documentary film. In Our Hands which narrated by Robert Richer and Stan. He made his debut into Indian cinema through a Tamil film, and it was directed by an American, and he became the first actor from The United States to work in a Tamil film industry.