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Other names of John Gavin: John Anthony Golenor
English Movie Actor John Gavin
  • DOB : 08-04-1931
  • Date of death: 09-02-2018
  • Lived For : 86 Years
  • Star Sign : Aries
  • Gender : Male
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American actor and diplomat John Anthony Golenor, who was famously known as John Gavin, was born on April 8, 1931, in Los Angeles, California, US. His father is Herald Raj Golenor, and his mother is Delia Diana Pablos. He has both Mexican and Irish accent. He pursued his studies at St. John's Military Academy in Los Angeles and Villanova Prep. Both of them are Christian schools.

He graduated in B.A in economics and Latin American Affairs from Stanford University. He served the US Navy from 1951-1955 during the Korean War. On his family friend's advice and his father's pressure, tall, dark and handsome John attended the auditions at Universal and got selected. In 1956, he debuted on the screen with Below the High Wall. Later, he did the lead role in Imitation of Life in 1959.

A Time to Love and a Time to Die in 1958 is one of his remarkable characters. He played the role of a German Soldier, which was directed by Sirk. This film got huge positive criticism, and this role made him a star in Hollywood. Later he appeared in Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie Psycho and also played the role of Julius Caesar in Spartacus in 1960. He couldn't make any more films after the 1961 film Back Street. He later appeared in TV shows Destry in 1964 and Convoy in 1965. Later, John Gavin changed his entire lifestyle. He became a famous businessman and a politician gradually.

In 1961, he was appointed as the special advisor to the Secretary-General of Organization of American States and continued till 1973. From 1966 to 1971, he was the part of the Board of Screen Actors Guild, and he served as the president from 1971-73. In 1970's, he appeared in a movie The Fantasticks, a musical Seesaw in 1973 and a TV mini-serial Doctors' Private Lives in 1979. He married the then stage and TV actress Constance Towers in 1974 and their daughter Christina Gavin also became a leading actor in the future.

His childhood dream to become the ambassador was fulfilled in the 1980's. From May 7, 1981, he served as the Ambassador to Mexico and ended the tenure by June 10, 1986. Soon he left the politics and became a successful businessman. He roamed in Latin America and Mexico on his business trips. He also decorated some honorary posts, and he acted as the Cheif Executive Officer for some organizations too.

Another Version Of This Bio:

John Gavin who was born on April 8, 1931, is an American actor. He was born to Herald Ray Golenor and Delia Diana Pablos. He joined St.John’s Military Academy in Los Angeles and later went to Villanova Prep in California. After completing his schooling, he pursued his B.A from Stanford University and went on to do his senior honors in Latin American economic history. He got trained and then served in the U.S Army for four years from 1951 to 1955. During his tenure, he was positioned as an air intelligence officer during the Korean War and then he was assigned the role of Flag Lieutenant.He got his first real chance to act when his friend offered him a role to play for his movie Princeton.

Gavin refused it because he had never acted in his life but he was convinced to try it. His attempt was successful, and he signed with Universal. The company groomed Gavin into a handsome hero and offered him various movies such as Quantez, Behind the Wall, Four Girls in Town. His first break came through the picture A Time to Love and A time to Die in 1958. The movie was welcomed highly among audiences and the critics. He was called ‘Universal’s new White Hope.’ He became famous, and offers were lining up for him. He was seen in Spartacus (1960), Psycho (1960), Intimation of Life (1959). Gavin parted company with Universal in 1962.In 1957, he married fellow actress Cicely Evans, and the couple had two children before they divorced in 1965.

In 1964, he starred in the series Destry. In the same year, he returned to Universal and performed in the Mexican movie Pedro Paramo. In 1971, Gavin landed a dream role of James Bond in the film Diamonds are Forever. Then, he concentrated on TV series and was known for his performance in the TV movie Sophia Loren: Her Own Story. He then married Constance Towers who is also an actress. Gavin served as the cultural adviser to Organization of American States for four years. He received the chance to become the U.S Ambassador to Mexico in 1981.

He concentrated on his business and was the President of Gamma Holdings which is a global consulting company. Some of the other organizations where he served include Causeway Capital, Securitas Security Services, Claxon Interactive Group Inc., Krause’s Furniture Inc., etc. He also worked for various institutions like Don Bosco Institute, The Hoover Institution, The University of Americas.


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