Mark Boone Junior was born in Cincinnati, Ohio as Mark Heidrich. Junior switched to the stage name of Boone after seeing a war monument in New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York . His mother was a retired school teacher and his father was a construction worker. Mark Boone started preforming by doing stand-comedy with his childhood friend and fellow actor Steve Buscemi On December 13, 1957, a Friday, in Brooklyn, New Y >> Read More... Steve Buscemi . Buscemi is who gave Boone his big debut. Boone was cast in some movies directed by Buscemi including Trees Lounge and Lonesome Jim. Mark has a specialty of playing crooked officials and or law enforcement. In 2 Fast 2 Furious he is the corrupt Miami PD detective Whitworth. In Full Clip he acts as a dictating Sheriff Wallace and in Batman Begins, Boone plays the corrupt partner of one of the main characters, James Gordon. Mark Boone Junior is perhaps best known for his role in the FX hit series Sons of Anarchy where he plays Bobby “Elvis” Munson. Bobby acts as a mentor and father to the main character in the show as well as being the Vice President and Secretary of the club. Junior won the D.I.F.F. Jury Award in 2003 for his acting in Greasewood Flat.