John d'leo was born on 8 july, 1995 at Monmouth New Jersey. His parents are Ginna and Chuck Dileo. He is from an Irish and Italian descent. He started his career as an American actor. His competitors are Robert De Niro, Michelle and Dianna. He became famous for his acting from the movie named The Family. He also acted in several movies like The Wrestler in 2008, Brooklyn's Finest in the year 2010, Wanderlust in the year 2012, Unbroken in 2014. Apart from movies, he also acted in several television series such as- How to make it in America and Law and Order: special Victims unit. The Wrestler is an American sport movie directed by Darren Aronofsky Film Director, Screenwriter, Film producer and Env >> Read More... Darren Aronofsky . The film received Universal award and also Golden Lion award in the year 2008 by the Venice Film Festival in the month of August.

The success of the movie helped to improve the career of the actors who were a part of the movie. The cine also won several awards such as Independent spirit Award, Academy award, Golden award and BAFTA awards. The Brooklyn's Finest is an American movie directed by Antonie Fuqua. The talkie was delivered on January 16, 2009. The movie focuses on the relationship of police man with their jobs and also several drastic feelings. The total budget range for the talkie was about nearly seventeen million dollar. The movie was premiered in the film festival Sundance in January, 2009. How to make it in America is a Comedy drama of American television series which was telecasted in the Channel HBO from 2010 February 14 to 20 November, 2011. The show focuses on the success of the fashion scene in the New York City. HBO focuses on the several video sites such as YouTube and iTunes. Law & Order: special Victims Unit is a crime legal television drama series in the New York City. The show started its season number eighteen on 21st September 2016. IT has almost 398 episodes as on 18 January, 2017. The series has won and been nominated for several awards. The Emmy award is the famous award for the lead actress of the drama series. The scenes of the show were shot in the New York City. The show had Christoper Meloni as Detective Stabler and Mariska as Detective. The first Episode was telecasted at NBC on 20 September 1999. The salary was increased to 500,000 million per episode. John has marked his presence well in all these super-hit series and movies.