Joey Fatone is a popular American dancer, singer, and actor. He was born as Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr. on January 28, 1977, in Brooklyn, New York City in the US. He studied at Joseph B. Cavallaro JHS in Brooklyn. When he moved o Orlando, Florida, he attended and completed high school at Dr. Phillips High School, where he used to perform several plays and musicals. After he had finished high school, he worked at the Universal Studios in Orlando and played as Wolfie in the 1988 American comedy fantasy film, Beetlejuice. In 1995, he became friends with his fellow performer at the Universal Studios, Chris Kirkpatrick and later became the 4th member of a doo-wop group, which consists of JC Chasez and Justin Timberlake.

Later on, Lance Bass also joined their group and they called it NSYNC. In 2001, he co-starred with Lance Bass in the American romantic comedy film, On the Line. Joey also made a guest performance on the 14th episode entitled New Kids on the Blecch in the 12th season of The Simpsons. He also donned voice work on Disney’s Kim Possible and the stop-motion sketch comedy, Robot Chicken. In 2002, he was cast as Angelo in the Canadian-American rom-com film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and its sitcom, My Big Fat Greek Life, in 2003. In 2016, he reprised his role in its sequel, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Joey was also seen in Wayne Kramer’s The Cooler, in 2003. In 2006, he was starred as Jack DeWolfe in the musical film, Red Riding Hood, along with Morgan Thompson and Henry Cavill. He also performed at the Broadway’s rock musical, Rent, and as Seymour in the horror comedy rock musical, Little Shop of Horrors. He hosted the karaoke game show, The Singing Bee, in 2007 and its Australian version.

He also hosted TV Guide until 2009. Joey has joined the cast of Hannah Montana and became the ringmaster on NBC’s Celebrity Circus. Also in 2007, Joey joined the Walt Disney World Christmas Parade at the Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In 2010, he was starred on Disney’s Imagination Movers. Also in 2010, he portrayed as Franz Liebkind in The Producers; a musical that was held at Pittsburgh Benedum Center. He became an announcer in Family Feud Season 12, along with Steve Harry. In the year 2011, he hosted the television cooking show, My Family Recipe Rocks on Live Well Network and has appeared as a detective in the horror film, Inkubus. In 2012, Joey joined the reality show, Rachel vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off by Food Network and became a guest host on the television game show, If The Price is Right. He was also seen in the production of the American musical, 42nd Street. In 2014, he started hosting Food Network’s reality cooking show, Rewrapped and Hub Network’s Parents Just Don’t Understand. In 2015, he appeared several times in the TV sitcom, The Jack and Triumph Show and had also appeared in a commercial entitled The Dizzcounts. Joey got married on September 9, 2004, to Kelly Baldwin at the Oheka Castle in New York. The couple has two daughters namely Brianna and Kloey Alexandria.

Ian Gomez English Actor

Ian Gomez

Ian Gomez is an American actor. He was born on December 27, 1964, in New York City, New York. His father was an artist & had a dancer mother. He is best known for his comic TV work. He was noticed as Javier on Felicity and Andy on Cougar Town. He was a part of ‘The Drew Carey Show’ where he played the role of Larry Almada, who was a co-worker of Drew's at Winfred-Louder. He was again a part of work with Drew Carey on a show named, 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'. Since 1998-2002, he played Javier Clemente Quintana on the hit WB show, Felicity. In 2002, he was a part of Alanis Morissette's music video (Hands Clean). He also played the role of ‘bald chef’, who was hired by Larry to cook in the restaurant. The restaurant is own in partnership with Jeff Greene, Ted Danson, Michael York, and Hugh Mellon. In April 2006, he played the role of a therapist in one episode of Here We Go Again. He was a part of Jake in Progress along with John Stamos in 2005-2006, which used to broadcast on ABC channel. The show was base on real-time comedy. After that, he also appeared in the fourth episode of Lost (Season 3), "Every Man for Himself" during 2006-2007. He got married to Nia Vardalos. Ian was Puerto Rican and Russian Jewish descent. He converted to the Greek Orthodox Church for marrying Vardalos. She was writer and actor of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame. She underwent 13 In- Vitro fertilization treatments but, it was all failed. Later, in the year 2008, the couple adopted a three-year-old baby girl. Ian was a part of My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Connie, and Carla, My Life in Ruins; I Hate Valentine's Day, and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.


John Stamos

John Stamos is a famous American actor and a great musician. He is a Leo man by Sun Sign, who was born on August 19, 1963, at Cypress, California, the United States to Loretta (Phillips, a swimsuit model) and William Stamos, (a restaurant owner in Greek). His family's surname was original "Stamatopoulos" but later his grandparents changed it to "Stamos" after they moved to the United States from Greece and he has two younger sisters, Janeen, and Alaina both were teachers by profession. Stamos went to John F. Kennedy School, where he loved to play drums for his school's marching band. At his teenager stage, he worked in his parent's restaurant. At the age, 15 he decided to lead his career in acting and music and was supported and encouraged by his parents. He was married to Rebecca Romjin (the supermodel) in 1998 and get divorced in 2005. He is famous for his television work and especially for the stunning role as Jesse Katsopolis  which is named as ABC sitcom Full House, where he played the role of a rock musician, and this benchmarked his reputation as an amazing television star. In 1984, he played a leading role in CBS sitcom called ‘Dreams,' in which he acted as an aspiring musician. Later, he played as the main cast of the sitcom (You Again?) as a son of the character (Jack Klugman), which got aired on NBC (1986 - 1987) and continued for 26 episodes. Finally, he found a major work in sitcom ‘Full House’ in 1987, where he played the role as Jesse Cochran in the first season, and later his character's last name changed to “Katsopolis” that depicted his Greek heritage, in which he turns to a rock musician, and it was the very famous series of that time, which telecasted 192 episodes in 1995. He is amazingly a skilled person who can easily play many instruments like guitar, drums, keyboard, and bass. As a skilfull musician, he performed with The Beach Boys in 1985, typically played drums and various other instruments. In 1988, he played the conga drums as well as the steel drums in their video for "Kokomo". Later in 1992 he also sang ‘Forever’ song, for the album Summer in Paradise. During the 1990s, he frequently performed with The Beach Boys, mostly during summer tours, played drums and guitar, and sang along on some of their hit songs, like "Forever," by Jesse and the Rippers. Stamos has played the various role in television films, stage productions, television series and commercials. He acted in the television series Thieves (2001) and Jake in Progress (2005)., while he also made out two minor films like ‘Party Monster’ (2003), ‘Knots’ (2004), and ‘Farce of the Penguins’ (2006), etc. He has also acted as the guest-starred in various episodes like Friends (2003), The Andy Milonakis Show (2005), Wedding Wars (2006), and much more. In 2008 he acted in television film ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ that has the same storyline as by Lorraine Hansberry and was nominated for the Emmy Award for an outstanding benchmarking in Television Movie. During 2010-11 season, he also appeared in a very popular series that grabbed nineteen Emmy Awards, in which he portrayed as Dr. Carl Howell that involved the teen musical comedy and drama ‘Glee’ His work made him won the "Young Artist Award" for the Best new and upcoming Actor in 1984 and the "T.V. Land Awards"  in 2007.

John Stamos English Actor