Born in Adelaide, South Australia on 13 June 1996, Kodi Smit-McPhee is a famous Film Actor of Australian origin. His father was an Actor and Former Wrestler Andy McPhee. His mother was Sonja. ‘Sianoa Smit-McPhee’ is his sister who is an Actress and Singer as well. His debut film was “Romulus, My Father”, which fetched him the AFI Award in the year 2007 under the category of the Best Young Actor.

He then appeared in the year 2009 movie “ The Road” through which he was widely acclaimed and bagged two famous awards: Critics Choice Award and the Award from The Australian Film Institute. He received nomination for being the Best International Actor. He also starred in “ Let Me In” which was a hit as well. In 2010, he received the Critics Choice Award for the movie. The same year he was nominated for the Best Actor for the film Matching Jack. He featured in the picture “ The Congress” in the year 2012. This movie made Kodi Smith touch the sky as it was premiered at The Film Festival of Cannes in the year 2013. His versatility was his weapon. He also gave his voice to an animated movie ParaNorman, which was nominated for the 2013 Academy Awards and also for the BAFTA Awards. His next picture Dead Europe was again a blockbuster. It featured at The Toronto International Film Festival in the year 2012. He did a lead role of James in the movie The Wilderness of James, which was highly appreciated by everyone. His next film “A Birder's Guide to Everything” was an epic and it featured at The Tribeca Film Festival in the year 2013. A movie adaptation of Romeo and Juliet came out in which Kodi Smit played the character of Benvolio.

Most of his films were so beautifully picturised that they were premiered at Film Festivals. His science fiction Young Ones adorned The Sundance Film Festival in the month of January in the year 2014. Not only movies, but he was a part of television drama series as well. He featured in the Nine Network's drama series named Gallipoli. It consisted of eight parts. In the serial, he played the seventeen-year-old Thomas Johnson. Endemol produced the series and the shooting continued for three months. His latest release was X-Men: Apocalypse in which he played the character of Nightcrawler. It was a blockbuster. Handsome Kodi Smit has made a remarkable image in the cinema.

Omar Metwally English Actor

Omar Metwally

Omar Metwally is an American actor. He was born on April 10th,1974 in Queens, New York, United States. He was born to an Egyptian father and a Dutch mother. At the age of three, he along with his family, shifted to Orange Country in California where he was brought up. He graduated with a degree in History from the University of California. He also earned a degree in Master of Arts from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. Omar’s famous films are Rendition, Munich, The City of Your Final Destination, and Amsterdam. Rendition is an abduction thriller film released in 2007. It focuses on the practice of remarkable depiction. Omar played the role of Khalid El-Masri, the lead of the movie. It received a mixed response. Munich, released in 2007, is a historical and political American and Canadian thriller. The story was primarily based on Israel Government’s secret vengeance against the Liberation Organization in Palestine. The events followed after the annihilation of Munich at the Summer Olympics of 1975. Amsterdam is a story about three friends who venture out for a fishing trip. They, however, end up in Amsterdam unknowingly. It released in 2013. The City of Your Final Destination is an American drama film released in 2009. The story is about a student who wishes to write a biography of the writer, Jules Gund, who died years before. He also has to coax the Gund family to sanction the biography. Omar has also appeared in many stage plays. He appeared in Guards of the Taj, a play directed by Joseph, at the Atlanta Theater. He also appeared as Aram in Beast Of The Moon. He also got cast in Sixteen Wounded. He has also appeared in many plays like Steppenwolf, The Public, The Long Wharf, and Berkeley Rep. His television serials are The Affair, Dig, Fringe, The Unit, Grey’s Anatomy, and Virtuality. He played the role of doctors in The Affair, Non-Stop, and Television series, The Dig, and appeared in Twilight Saga: The Breaking Dawn. Omar presently resides in New York. Some other famous films of Omar are Nash Bridges, New Americans, Life on the Ledge, Twenty Questions, Miral, Unforgettable, The Good Wife, Day Ten, Dig, The Affair, and Complete Unknown. He got honoured with the Obie Award for Performance and nominated for Tony Award and Outer Critics Circle Award for Outstanding Actor in a play.


Parker Sawyers

Parker Sawyers made headlines in Hollywood industry when he was cast to play American President Barack Obama on screen in the movie Southside With You. The uncanny resemblance that Parker has to Obama was recognized, and Richard Tanne with his brilliant script and created this film. Southside With You will hit the theaters in August 2016. Parker Sawyers was not the prominent name and all that changed when he was cast to play Obama by Richard Tanne. Parker, who used to work for the Republican Governor of Indiana, had no intention of getting into acting. He admits to having not even acted in the school play and that to have got a lead role in the movie and to play the President of America is a dream comes true for this London Dwelling actor. Parker, who has bloomed late into the acting business, is married with a kid and is lives in London. He began acting in small roles in movies like Zero Dark Thirty, which released in 2012, he plays the role of a cop sporting a beard. Seen in insignificant roles such as in Survivor (2015) and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014), Parker’s career was full of such roles. Either a cop in a movie or playing second fiddle to the leads in the movie was his forte. He was never the man in neither the poster nor the critically acclaimed actor. But 2015 was a turning point in the career for Parker, whose long wait for a significant role was translated into reality. Parker, who was cast in South Side With You drew a lot of attention, and suddenly there was a huge buzz around him. Parker who says it is an honour to have portrayed Obama in his younger years has become the talk of the town. Overnight publicity from the press and attention made good for Parker’s career. The movie which has Tika Sumpter playing Michelle Obama is set in the early days of the president and circles the first date with the wife to be Michelle. Obama’s days of trying to woo Michelle is captured with essence, although the actors and the director claim that it is not completely based on what actually happened. However, the movie which was screened at Sundance Festival got rave reviews and great appreciation for the leads in the movie. Parker Sawyers has been part of many movies before being cast as the lead. We can see his acting in Austen Land playing Alexander, playing Shaun Williams in Monsters: Dark Continent, a small role of Ray in Pierce Brosnan flick Survivor, as Thomas in Hyde Park on Hudson. He has also acted in television series called Lilyhammer in 2012 as Deshawna. This mobster oriented show has Parker playing the character of Deshawna for one episode. Hyde Park on Hudson is a movie based on Roosevelt and Parker plays Thomas in the movie, nonetheless, he is part of a good movie. The Call Up movie which released in June 2016 is a movie based on online gamers and when they are challenged to take on a new adventure with their state of the art tech and realize the real trouble they have gotten themselves into in the picture. This movie showcases Parker (as Andre) in one of the lead roles. He is seen sharing screen space with Chris Obi and Morfydd Clark. 2016 is a great year for Parker where he has almost six movies up his sleeves and each one different than the other. He is part of the horror flick like Autopsy of Jane Doe where he plays the role of Officer Cole in the movie. The movie Sand Castle also set to release in 2016 has him play a cop. But the movie to watch out for is Snowden, which is an anticipated movie which is based on Edward Snowden. Parker is seen playing CIA agent who interviews in Snowden in the film. Another thriller where Parker is seen in is the movie called Don’t Hang Up. He is seen as Mr. Lee, who is part of the movie which revolves around prank calls and takes an unpredictable turn with each prank call.

Parker Sawyers English Actor