Known in the list of the names of American actors and hot models though former, Jason Lewis is the one known for the most prominent role of his acting history in the Sex and the City. Born on 25th June, this man turned 45 last year who also played the role of a love interested character as Valerie in the Beverly Hills in 1997. He is known for the many movies he did in his career like My Bollywood Bride which was the combination of romance and comedy, Mr. Brooks which was a thriller type film.

California-born actor is also known for playing the role of Hunk in Europe for Aero Bubbles. He is also a supporter of the LGBT community which stated his kind personality and rather he proved this statement by making an appearance in the event or ceremony which celebrated for gay celebrities as equal on media outlets. Otherwise he was also seen at the 10th annual Angel Ball in October, 2007. The guy is with a star sign Gemini and recently played the role of Christopher Dollanganger in Seeds of Yesterday and If There Be Thorns.

So not only in the film industry, he has earlier built a complete career in the TV aspect by his roles in Six Degrees and Brothers & Sisters by the year 2007 and then later in Mogli- a Pezzi, The Eastmans, Hit The Floor and the very famous ‘How I Met Your Mother;’ but actually this list goes on! After his appearance in Charmed had come into the eyes of public, it was soon declared that he would be playing as a guest star in seven episodes of Brothers & Sisters and then later he also signed for two episodes of the serial House. He belongs to a family with divorced parents with three siblings named as Sean, Nicole and Katie.

He did his schooling in California and did his graduation from San Diego state university; after which he started modeling and a bit later, he was known to be on the star status for Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Guess? too. The big hit for his modeling career has been when he appeared on the cover of Men’s Fitness May 2008. He also appears in a highlighted way on the cover of the book About Face which has been published by Pixie Press Worldwide. So this was the summary of his careers in acting which was all related to his movies and television aspect, and also about his former modeling career in which he proved himself as a huge hit!

Alfred Enoch

Born in Westminster, London on 2nd December 1988, Alfred Enoch is originally known as Alfred Lewis Enoch. He was born to William Russell, Balbina Gutierrez. Alfred Enoch’s father is also an actor who was very popular for the character in the TV series “Doctor Who” whereas his mother is a doctor. When he was seven years old, Alfred participated in a sonnet at Shakespeare Global Theater for the author’s birthday. It was his father who recognized Alfred’s talent in acting and supported, encouraged him to improve his skills. Enoch completed his studies at Westminster school, one of the acclaimed schools in London. After his schooling, he attended Queen’s College in Oxford to complete his graduation in Portuguese and Spanish. Hence Alfred is very fluent in both the languages. His favorite colors are cream and orange. Alfred Enoch is so very popular for his Afro-style hair which became his signature style. All his fans tried to follow his hairstyle, but no one ever managed it as Alfred. And his dimples brought him so many female fans. At home, he is the only kid and fondly called as Alfie by his parents and friends. Alfred Enoch is very tall with the height of 6’3 inches. Alfred Enoch’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius. In 2001 Alfred went to the Harry Potter auditions and immediately got selected for the part Dean Thomas. His character recurred in the Harry Potter seven sequels, i.e., from Sorcerer’s Stone Deathly Hallows: 2nd part in 2011. Later coming out of the Harry Potter family, Alfred Enoch acted in few other movies. In 2012 he played a role Philotus in the drama play “Timon of Athens” and in 2014 acted in the play “Coriolanus” as Titius Lartius. These two dramas launched at Donman Warehouse Theater. Alfred attended many fests during 2011 which brought him recognition, such as Comic Con and London Film. In 2014, Alfred heard about Shonda Rhimes “How to get Away with the Murder” TV series and went for the selections. Rhimes believed that he is so appropriate for the character Wes Gibbins and gave him the role immediately. His screen test happened on Skype in London. From the season 1 to the current season, Alfred Enoch was recurring in almost every episode of this TV show. Enoch played for the play King Lear in 2016 which is produced by the legendary production house; Talawa Theater Company and Manchester Royal Exchange. For this role he got received many accolades from different critics and newspapers.

Alfred Enoch English Actor