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James Hong is a Chinese actor and producer from the American film industry. He was born on February 22nd, 1929 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His father Frank W. Hong migrated from Hong Kong via Canada. He owns a restaurant. His grandfather was a teacher. Hong did his early education in Hong Kong and came back to the United States when he was only ten years old. He completed his schooling from Minneapolis Central High School and graduated with a degree in civil engineering from the Southern California University. He worked as a road engineer in Los Angeles for seven years.

He, later on, quit engineering to devote time to his acting and voice work. Hong served in the United States Army but never went abroad. Hong appeared in over 500 television and film roles. He redubbed songs of several films of Asia. He provided the voice of the characters Ogata and Dr Serizawa in Godzilla and The Human Vapor. He got cast in Red Tentacles in 1956, an adventure series. Hong also appeared as a guest in the western series, The Californians. He also got featured in The New Adventures of Charlie Chaplin.

In the year 1959, he appeared as a prince in Walt Disney Walt Disney or Walter Elias Disney was an American >> Read More... series, Zorro and then appeared in Richard Diamond and Private Detective, Crime drama series. He also appeared in the Crime drama Hawaiian Eye, Hong Kong, The Islanders, and Adventures in Paradise. Hong is one of the founders of East West Players, an Asian American theatre organisation. He got cast in Perry Mason Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... as Dean Chang, and he played the character of Louis Kew in The Case of the Floating Stones. He also featured in the military comic drama, Ensign O’ Toole.

Hong also played roles in several episodes of Hawaii Five-O. He is a frequent guest in the television series, Kung Fu. He enacted the role of a flight attendant in The In-Laws. Hong is broadly known as the ghost sorcerer in Big Trouble In Little China and also for the movies Blade Runner, Chinatown, The Vineyard, and The Two Jakes. He appeared as the host in the Chinese restaurant on All In The Family. Hong played the role of a martial arts expert in Wayne’s World 2. He appeared in the documentary Full Cycle: A World Odyssey with his wife and daughter.

He appeared as the Evil Witch in Jackie Chan adventure television and in Las Vegas Serial Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... , a television series, as a cheating monk. Hong was got cast in Blood Alley, Never So Few, The Satan Bug, The Sand Pebbles, Destination Inner Space, The Seventh Sin, Libra, So Fine, and True Confessions. Hong married Susan in 1977 and lives in Hong Kong with her and their daughter, April.


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