Plot A guy named Alex falls for the Indian beauty Reena who has come on a vacation to California Reena leaves Alex without any prior news and Alex who is h

My Bollywood Bride Movie Review

My Bollywood Bride Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " My Bollywood Bride"
Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 22-03-2007
Genre: Comedy Drama
2 / 5.0




A guy named Alex falls for the Indian beauty, Reena, who has come on a vacation to California. Reena leaves Alex without any prior news and Alex, who is heartbroken, decides to win back his love. However, on reaching India, he gets the biggest shock of his life because it turns out that Reena is one of the topmost actresses in Bollywood.


This movie is a film that is a product of the Indian Film Industry. It constitutes the amalgamation of the Eastern part of the world with the Western one. This depiction also is a representation of the how the Indian Film Industry works and to an extent the Indian culture to the foreign viewers. The movie is also a treat for people who enjoy watching Jason Lewis.

Star Performances

This movie is a good one for all those people who find themselves attracted to Jason Lewis and his presence on screen. However, neither he nor his lead actress, Kashmira Shah does any good as far as the skills in acting are regarded. The only one person in the movie that is worth a mention here is Neha Dubey who has made her presence for a song in which she really leaves an impact and looks pretty good especially because of her dancing skills.

What you may like

 It shows the coming together of two different cultures that can be enjoyable to watch.

What you may dislike

● The storyline of the movie is pretty bad especially because it is misdirected at times and none of the actors help in making the story look good in any way.
● It is a rather tiring and patience draining job to make it till the end of the movie because it is full of cliches and the predictability quotient is also high.
● It doesn't do justice in depicting the culture of India. This is definitely not the best kind of representation that the colorful country of India has got. 


You should probably skip this movie as you won't tend to miss a lot.