Harry Melling is a young Hollywood actor primarily known for his role of Dudley in the Harry Potter franchise. He is also a theatric actor, having worked in many plays. His break into the first film of Harry Potter as the annoying cousin of Harry was his claim to fame.

He has starred in 5 Harry Potter films. Apart from this, he didn’t work in any other film. After his performance as an actor in the first three films, he also started to play brief roles in TV shows.

But none of them were impactful enough to gain him that fame in the industry. Coming from a theatrical background, it was natural for him to enter a stage someday. Thus started his foray in the industry. He made appearances in I am a Camera and King Lear. He has also rendered his voice for the video game of Harry Potter.

Roland Kickinger English Actor

Roland Kickinger

Roland Kickinger is an American bodybuilder and actor. At the peak of his career, he acted in many Hollywood movies. He is known for his Kickinger's role in Terminator Salvation. Since his childhood, he had the deep interest in bodybuilding and was a trained bodybuilder in Vienna and had shot many videos that teach the techniques of bodybuilding. For his power-pack feature, he was quite popular in cover pages of many magazines. Thus many film and TV producers wanted to cast him in serials or films. He began his career in films by appearing in a minimum role. He grabbed a cameo role in a movie 'Lethal Weapon 4' which was a 1998 American movie. The film had Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Rene Russo in prominent roles. In 2001, he again appeared in a cameo role for another American film '15 Minutes'. In 1999, he played a bodybuilder role in the movie 'Skippy' but the film did not run well. In 2009, he acted in a Kollywood movie 'Peranmai' in which had him and Jayam Ravi in lead roles. The film was directed by S. P. Jananathan. In this movie, he played the role of Anderson, who heads the foreign terrorist group. The film received mixed reviews. In the year 2009, he acted in a supporting role for a movie 'Disaster'. The film received the nomination for worst picture, worst screenplay, and worse supporting actress. The film faced disaster in the box office, and even the critics panned the movie. The actor even acted in a biopic film named 'Arnold Run'(2005) in which he played a character of a body builder. The film received the negative response. The actor has appeared in many TV films and even short films too. Although Ronald became interested in pursuing an acting career, he did not create much impact in movies. His role however in the movie ‘'Terminator Salvation' where he played the role of the ‘’Terminator / T-800" did create impact. He even had said that this role was his ideal one. It may be noted that the bodybuilder-turned- actor Kickinger, had previously portrayed Schwarzenegger in the 2005 biographical film ‘Arnold Run' which was his physical double on set.