He is a multi-talented Hollywood icon. He’s a multi-awarded singer, actor-comedian, writer and producer. He’s famous for the movie “Ray” which he earned Best Actor from Academy, BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards. His name is Eric Marlon Bishop or known as Jamie Foxx. Born on December 13th 1967 from Texas – United States. He had 2 children and commonly known for his music hit singles with pop-hip-hop-r&b genres. 

He first appeared in the 1992 movie “Toys.” This was followed by his continuous appearances in different movies. Not until 2004 he starred with in the movie “Collateral.” This is a story of a taxi driver and became hostage and need to get out of this mess including saving another victim. He also secured the awards in the 2004 movie “Ray” a bio film about Ray Charles. As he conitnously grow in the movie industry he bumped in to Gerard Butler Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty. For >> Read More... Gerard Butler in the crime-drama-thriller “Law Abiding Citizen.” Butler’s character made its own way to revenge for his raped and murdered family as he uses his skills as an intelligent patent-engineer and at the same time educate law makers. He also played the lead cast in the 2012 movie “ Django Unchained Click to look into! >> Read More... Django Unchained .” He also worked with Channing Tatum Born in a small town called Cullman in Alabama, Ch >> Read More... Channing Tatum in the 2013 movie “ White House Down Click to look into! >> Read More... White House Down ” as the president. John Cale(Tatum) character is former veteran army and aspiring secret service agent but fails to have for his bad background. Cale brought his daughter for White House educational tour and got in the middle of taking down the white house by terrorists. Cale fought with president using a limousine and rocket launcher and different sets of gun, while his daughter lured the hostage takers and as one of the captured hostages.

Foxx also made voice talents as Nico in the “ Rio 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... Rio 2 ” animated movie, as Max Dillon and Electro in the 2014 “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, as Dean Jones in the 2014 film “Horrible Bosses 2, and William Stacks in 2014 movie “Annie.”